The Last Piece | BoyxBoy  [COMPLETE]

The Last Piece | BoyxBoy [COMPLETE]

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Category: Teen Fiction
Tobias just went through a breakup with a girl he's dated for years. The idea of him even being in a relationship, was crazy for people to even think about.

Partying and Drinking every weekend was what he was good at, So finding someone to cuddle with, on the weekends instead, was new for him, yet he loved it.

He loved her.

He loved Michelle. . .

So when he found out that Michelle was cheating on him for more than half their relationship, it starts to bring back the old Tobias. The one, no one missed.

Well . . . maybe his friends did.

His sense for love and affection went out the window. He didn't even want to think about opening up to another girl after what he went through in his last relationship.

Then Ethan shows up.

Even after Ethan makes it clear he plays for the other team, Tobias doesn't seem to mind and they continue with their friendship. Although Tobias doesn't want to admit it, their friendship begins to transform into more and that scares him.

It scares him because he's afraid Ethan might just be the one to show him what love is again.

Ethan might just be the one to fix the last piece, to Tobias broken heart.

And that scares the hell out of him. 2016

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