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❝ I should've listened to my heart. No matter how hard I've tried to push you away, everything leads back to you. My thoughts, the way my heart flutters rapidly and the emotions I feel when you're around. Everything. What I'm trying to say is...I choose you. ❞


Sophie Wilkins is the shy, nerdy girl that no one really notices in the back of the class. She only talks to one person at Oakleaf High, her best and only friend, Bree Laurel.

On one of the last nights of summer break, Sophie is forced to go to a high school party by Bree. She thinks this is just another one of many awful high school parties that's hosted by one of the football jocks at her school, but this party doesn't turn out to be "another typical high school party."

While at the party, she catches the eyes of Andrew Dalton, the high school quarterback and most notorious player. Andrew, who's never lost, is dared to make Sophie fall in love with him, but there's one problem. Sophie has promised herself that she will never date any of the guys at Oakleaf High because they all have arrogant personalities that she just can't handle.

Although she's successfully managed to keep a low profile her entire high school life, she suddenly starts to find herself constantly being brought into situations with Andrew.

Will Sophie be able to keep the promise she made to herself? Or will she fall for the player's charms?

Will Andrew be able to win the heart of Sophie Wilkins without giving Sophie his?

What will happen when Sophie learns it all started with a dare?

Started 6/4/18

Completed 9/28/18

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