The Forgotten Duchess

The Forgotten Duchess

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Category: Historical
After fleeing her burnt village, a woman with a mysterious past takes refuge in the home of a reticent duke. Soon, feelings develop, but secrets that link them threaten their fragile trust.


Vivienne, a young woman from Flaxpool, is on the run after her village burns to the ground. On a chance encounter, she meets James, the stoic and reserved Duke of Lennox, at his countryside manor and he agrees to keep her safe. James offers Vivienne the chance to make her debut in society to land a husband. Between the soirees, operas, and balls of the season, the two grow closer, neither resisting the invisible tug that pulls them together.

Regrettably the Duke of Lennox is already betrothed, and his station as a gentleman requires him to uphold the promise. James will need to choose between his mind, his sense of duty, and his heart. Will the two star-crossed lovers come together, or will their secrets tear them apart?

(#1 in Historical Fiction)
(#7 in Historical Romance)
© 2020 MoonlightHunter3 All Rights Reserved.

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