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The Rookie // Wesley Evers Fanfic

I am thinking about editing this book when I am done so it is not the same lines from the show but I don't know if it will be any more different then what I have already changed in the chapters I have written right now. I will delete this at some point in time when I know this book don't need edited or if I am done editing.Sophia Lopez is Angela's sister and they both became police officers because they both thought it would be a great job. Sophia was a detective but then decided to become a TO to make sure that officers in training would be able to go home, to their families, unlike her when she learned her husband died while being undercover. Her husband was undercover to stop a drug deal from happening but they caught him making a call and killed him after torturing him for information and Sophia has not been with anyone for 3 years after that. Until she meets Wesley Evers,I do not own any plot of this show nor do I own the characters plot and story accept Sophia's plot story and only her story. I do not own The Rookie that goes to the people who directed and filmed the rookie and everything. The cover I also did not make, all rights go to youbadfriend. And I know I may have mentioned this in a chapter but I don't remember if I did.Book 1: Season 1-2Book 2: Season 3-4Book 3: Season 5-6
Dance Till I Die (gxg) ✓

"I was ordered to kill you." 21 year old Mavis Griffon is a stripper for the Inferno night club when one night, a woman in a silver dress walks in. Calm, deadly, and a knockout blonde. There is something alluring about her, something intoxicating in the way she pulls out her gun and aims it at Mavis with words that will change her life forever."I was ordered to kill you."Her eyes search mine, as though she is waiting for me to scream, to run, to fight. But I only let a smirk grace my lips, and I hide my trembling hands as I say, "Then what are you waiting for?"
Academic lovers

Crest view academy. This was no ordinary high school; it was known for its academic excellence and fierce rivalries. Amongst the students, two individuals stood out from the crowd - Zhera Thompson and Aiden Miller. Zhera Thompson was a diligent and ambitious student, always striving for perfection in her studies. She had an undeniable charm that drew people towards her. She was known for her intelligence and dedication, earning her the title of valedictorian in her junior year.On the other hand, Aiden Miller was a charismatic and popular student who excelled in both academics and sports. With his tousled black hair and mischievous grin, he had a way of making everyone around him feel at ease. Except for Zhera of course.Come here to see a story of hate, love, sadness and more!
Lycan mate

If you are not at the right age 16+ you can't continue very very very mature Anna at the age of 5 was abandoned by her parents but was rescue by alpha josh and has been living in his pack throughout her whole life her best friend are teddy and pj the alpha daughter and son. She is in her last year of high school and she still hasn't found her mate until her life turn upside when she was kidnapped and taken she awoken and found her self in a master bedroom. She finds out that she is in the strongest pack of lycan. She asked the person who took her why she was there she has many unanswered questions until she founds out why and it changed her life but will it be in a good way or bad way. Anna isn't a normal werewolf like she thought she was she is a.... If you want to know come and read it Also will be mature
【miss the mark】| Crosshair x OC (BOOK 1 of the CHANGING WAVES series)

𝚌𝚘𝚍𝚎𝚜 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎.Rylann Tetra, Shaak Ti's padawan, is stationed on Kamino to her disliking. Ry, taken from her home when she was only two, is upset that she didn't get a choice to become a jedi, wishing she was never discovered. So, Ry, in an act of rebellion, decides to do whatever she can to go against the Jedi Order with her every breath. When she meets CT-9904, a defected clone trooper with a similar disdain, they overcome any differences, becoming quick friends and over the years something more. What better way to get back at the Jedi Order than to elope, right?Book 1 of the Star Wars: Changing Waves series.Star Wars AU. It's definitely off canon a lot lol#1 in (tech) 10/13/23#1 in crosshair 10/13/23#2 in jedi 12/05/23#31 in (starwars) 06/15/23#34 in (starwarsfanfiction) 10/13/23#355 in (OC) 07/20/2023
From Cheated Weak OC to Demon Lord

An alternate Jason Uchiha timeline
Daddy Wife - Season 2 (Ongoing)

"ဒီဘဝမှာ မပေါင်းဖက်ရပေမယ့် နောင်ဘဝမှာတော့ သေချာပေါက် ပေါင်းဖက်စေရမယ် နောက်တစ်ကြိမ် နောက်တစ်ခေါက် ပြန်ရှင်သန်ရမယ် နောက်တစ်ကြိမ်ပြန်မွေးဖွားရမယ် နောက်တစ်ကြိမ် ပြန်တွေ့ဆုံရမယ်"Own Creation ။Starting Date - 2.3.2024
The Alpha Kings Queen

As the saying goes, a King is nothing without his Queen. Alpha King Nolan has no Queen. Except he does. She's human, she's strong and she's definitely everything he's been searching for. Only the slightest problem? She has no idea she is Queen. Cassandra Williams, newly recent Aunt who only came to visit her best friend and niece. She was only supposed to stay for two weeks but throw in a meeting with a King who sweeps her off her feet, discovering looming threats against the werewolf Kingdom and not to mention the inevitable pull towards love. Cassandra is in for a long journey. If only they could get her to realise she is his Queen.

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Maybe there is a us (ON HOLD)

y/n colt is a 21 who is helping her aunt Amber out for the summer. Amber is a tour manager who has work with some of the biggest names in the music industry, what happens when y/n best friend is one of the opening acts, and someone gets cheated on.will y/n be the one to help or will she let the others help?Lauren & y/n g!p

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Creepiest Fairy Tales Ever Told

Although these are called fairy tales, don't let that fool you ... not all of them have happy endings. In fact, some are filled with what nightmares are made of.Did you know that fairy tales in their original form were grotesque and frightening stories?Get ready to enjoy a collection of fairy tales that children should never be told ... just make sure to read them with the lights on.

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fics & requests // sam and colby

these are short stories/one shots that I get asked to make on tumblr.YOU CAN REQUEST ONE TOO IF YOU WANT :)

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Maid For You

"GET OUT!"After kicking an egotistical, rude (albeit gorgeous) jerk out of her store, Cassie thinks she's seen the last of him.Too bad he's a prince.And that she's his maid.

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forex trading online course in indiaforex trading online course in india

Forex trading, short for foreign exchange trading, has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the realm of online trading. It involves the buying and selling of currencies on the foreign exchange market with the aim of profiting from fluctuations in exchange rates. Unlike traditional stock markets, forex trading operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, making it accessible to traders worldwide. With the advent of online trading platforms, individuals can now participate in forex trading from the comfort of their own homes using their computers or mobile devices.

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Classical Studies Essays

Classical Studies essays for people who need ideas, or who are stuck writing boring essays for school and are unsure of what to write. The topics my essays are based on are as followed: Alexander the Great Greek Drama (Medea and Oedipus) The Philosopher in Society: Socrates and Plato Roman Art and Architecture (I have not covered this topic yet, so essays on this topic may not appear for a while)

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Parker Posts | Peter Parker x Reader

The love story of Y/n Stark and Peter Parker told through social media!Mostly Instagram and messages but there are snippets of writing here and there.Reached Number1 in:#peterparkerxreader#lokilaufeyson #socialmedia #spiderman#stark #thorodinson #wadewilson#vision Reached Number 2 in: #avengers

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Astania Reviews

This is a review shop dedicated to helping you improve your craft. Our reviewers are experienced, helpful, and ready to help you learn. They vary in the review services they provide, but one thing can be assured: you will leave here happy you chose us. If this intrigues you, open the book to find out more!

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A Week with Gray and Juvia- a Gruvia story

Come and see what a week in the Fullbuster residence is like! Every part is them doing something. Each day will stand for a week, IT WILL NOT TAKE A WEEK.Nalu and Gajevy will show up for the most part and a little bit of Jerza. ( just a bit)This was my first story. Hope ya like it. -DaftPunkFJ

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Kylie has just moved to Feighton High boarding school and already the drama has started. Her roomate? Bad boy Alex. His misson? To annoy the living daylights out of her. Her goal? To get onto the team. She has a secret that Alex is bound to find out about. Does she want him to? No way. Never. Throw it all together with a pinch of jealousy and a sprinkle of Quee Bee jn a mixing bowl, shove it into the oven of high school and you get action.

10 2 0