the boy on the bridge ✔️

the boy on the bridge ✔️

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Category: Teen Fiction
"Are you going to jump off the bridge now or not?"

"Are you going to stop me if I said yes?"

"Of course not,"

"Then, what would you do?"

"Probably count you off,"


"Do you want me to count?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm not going to jump off the flippin' bridge!"


Joshua Goldmann was seemingly the perfect boy of the perfect small town, Willowcreeks. Even so, he found himself on the edge of an abandoned bridge on one fateful night.

It was supposed to be the end, not the beginning

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Anna and the ninja defeated Chen and his Anacondrai, by banishing Garmadon to the cursed realm. However, this victory came with a heavy cost. Lloyd, Garmadon's son, was left grieving over his father's death. This loss had a profound impact on Lloyd, leaving him emotionally scarred. As the dust settled from the intense battle, a mysterious figure emerged, catching the attention of Wu and Sukina due to its uncanny familiarity. This unexpected appearance raised questions and concerns among the ninja, especially as they were now stripped of their powers. With their powers gone and their friend in peril, the ninja found themselves facing a daunting challenge in confronting this enigmatic ghost. The stakes were high as they embarked on a mission to save their friend and unravel the mysteries surrounding this spectral presence. The outcome of this encounter would determine not only their fate but also the fate of those they held dear. Only time will tell if the ninja will be able to overcome this ghostly adversary and save their friend without succumbing to the curse that looms over them. The outcome of this harrowing encounter will reveal the true strength of their bonds and their unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.
✩លោកប្រធានញ្ញាណទី6•||•MY BOSS✩[ផ្អាក]

មិនថាអ្នកជាអ្វីមិនថាអ្នកចម្លែកខុសពីគេយ៉ាងណាសម្រាប់ខ្ញុំ ខ្ញុំនៅតែស្រឡាញ់អ្នកដូចដើម
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Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21 is the last one the creator of this story takes too long to do this comic so bye.
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Over two thousand years ago, on a deep night, Xu Fu sailed to the land of the rising sun to seek medicine from immortals. Little did many know that, at the same time, a group of soldiers with black turbans secretly entered the vast and dense southern forests of Namba.A millennium passed in the blink of an eye, and the dark legend continues to grow in the shadows.This is novel translationTitle: 枭起青壤Author: 尾鱼Link raw:
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My name is Amaya Stone. I am 22 years old and this is my story... My father - "gambling addict". But one day, he took a loan from a guy who he didn't know was The King of all Vampires and gambled away all of the money.When the time came for repayment, he had no money and sold me to that blood sucking monster!! What the hell?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^My name is Elvin Silvester and I'm 356 years old since my existence as vampire but 24 years old as a young boy. I kept searching for my beloved for years and years till I gave up and thought that she didn't exist. Then, by luck?... one day, a man who smelled like shit and looked similarly to the smell, asked me for a loan of $2 million.I gave the money to him as it didn't matter too much. But then when the time came to repay, well, let's just say he didn't. Instead he proposed me a deal. He would repay me by selling her daughter to me. When he showed me her, I knew... I just...knew that she was my beloved... and I would do anything to gain her, protect her and claim her!
It started with you

"What's so bad about me? Why do you hate me so much!"I yell at him through my tears and his body stiffens. He slowly turns around and walks towards me. The pain in his eyes run as deep as mine and for some reason I pity him."You have no right to be crying right now! You are so fucking heartless! you don't even know why I hate you? Isn't it obvious? God you're so stupid Baylor! I fucking hate you!" He yells the last part as his hands clench into fist slamming against the wall above my head and I thought for sure he was going to hit me. "Whatever I did that was so bad I'm sorry! Asher I am so sorry!" I cry and his eyebrows furrow together as he stares at me confused. Then he does something I've never seen him do; he cries.-Baylor Campbell- sensitive, puts way too much guilt on herself, and is constantly haunted by what happened to her two months ago. Asher hill- despises Baylor with everything he has. But bay doesn't know why. Also best friends with Baylors brother, Cameron. So when cam offers their extra room to Asher, things get heated between him and Baylor. And fast. Secrets are told, hearts are ripped out, and an unlikely friendship might make a slight peek through all their hatred.-Highest ranking; #1 in contest!#1 in First Love#1 in Badboy#2 in teen fiction-NEEDS SERIOUS EDITING!
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It's my first attempt to write a PaNi story. I am a big time PaNi shipper. So, thought to write down how I want them to be together. If you don't want them, then don't read this story. But I don't want any bashing.This story will be the show case of PaNi's life after 5 years of Kaisi yeh yarriyan 3. A lot of things have changed and many things have happened. In all this will PaNi be able survive?To know more peep into the story .........Cover credit- Khizra_creationz

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I'll be doing different types of imagines and I will be taking requests. And I'll also have Avenger parent imagines.

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Beautifully Torn ( One Shot Story )

"Would you die for me?" I asked carefully, grazing into his reddish-brown coloured eye which I grew to love , my face already flushing . He returned my gaze intently and said , "Of course I wouldn't." It was disappointment at its best, but I somehow managed to mumble, "But why?" He gave me the most satisfying answer - because he lives for me. That was exactly the moment I knew for sure I did not just love this man , I was seriously in love with him and would kill for him , I would . If I could walk on the water for him , I would. I would climb the sky and reach for the stars , touch the rainbow , cross the ocean and move the mountain if any of it was in my power . Anything . We were unconditionally and irrevocably in love with one another . Nothing would ever tear us apart , so I thought . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS IS MY FIRST STORY , SO PARDON ME FOR THE SUCKY-NESS ETC ETC ETC

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Searching (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

When dreams are reality and reality is all just a dream. It seems impossible, but sometimes it can happen to anyone. You can call it fate, you can call it destiny, but when it hits you, your life will change...forever... You will never be safe, but if you want answers, you need to accompany your biggest fear to search for happiness with the very thing that dragged you into your nightmare to begin with.(I posted the below in the Science Fiction club and I thought it was a good description so I added it since it's less mysterious.)Basically the main character, a young girl, meets Harry Styles in a dream. It's just a dream, like one that many fans have had. To her though, it seems strange that it was extremely realistic while she knew it was a dream. Things go a little wild once she finds out Harry had the exact same dream. They met each other in a dream, how cool is that? But it's not cool because they need to figure it out because a threat is after them now. Bouncing between reality and the dream world and wondering which one is actually real, all the two have are each other. They need to work together and maybe even fall in love to find answers.This is original. I actually had this dream, but after that, it's all my imagination doing the work! :)

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This is a collection of shorts inspired by the YouTube series Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss made by VivziePop with the help of an army of creative talent in addition to her own. All fanart, fanmade music, fanmade animations, and ocs (original characters) belong to the respective creator(s). The only things I own are the edits that I made when unable to find fanart that worked with my plots.Highest RankingsHazbin Hotel: 281Helluva Boss: 233Charlastor: 4RadioMoth: RadioBelle: 2SpiderMoth: 1AngelBomb:CherriDust:BlitzBerry:

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