The Alpha's Heart

The Alpha's Heart

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Category: Werewolf
"You're mine. It doesn't matter where you come from." His hand grips my wrist, stopping me.

"You know it matters." I turn away, hiding the moisture in my eyes.

I can't cry.

"Eliana please! Look at me!" He tugs me back into his arms, tightly embracing me.

"I won't let you leave. You belong with me."


Eliana was content with her lifestyle, as her pack's slave. Horrible, but it was all she had ever known. There was nothing better to compare it to.

Alpha Noah keeps his distance with everyone and although head of one of the strongest packs in the nation, his past haunts him. Things like love and friendships are unknown to him. Unimportant.

She's hurt and so is he.

What happens when mates with such different views on life and experiences, meet?

Will a connection spark? Or will the fuse fail to light? And when the lurking past faces them again, what will they do?


A puppy love kind of story that's full of passion, ig. Not your usual werewolf book.

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