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Playing Doctor

Andrea Braxton was just riding her bike when her life changed forever. After a strange hit and runshe finds herself waking up in the hospital. But is it so simple? Is she really in Evergreen Hospital? Soon she finds herself in the midst of a nightmare.
An Old Fashioned Girl √ (Project K.)

**All Credits To L.M.Alcott**Polly Milton never questions the way she is-until she goes to visit her cousins in the city. Her cousin Fanny looks too glamorous to be Polly's age, and wouldn't be caught dead playing in the snow. Will Polly ever learn to be like the other girls? And does she even want to? Sometimes being old-fashioned is right in style.* With social commentary surprisingly relevant 150 years later, and charming style, this is a timeless story from the author of Little Women.Rated 4.5 stars by Amazon Rated 4.0 stars by Goodreads*Summary from Amazon#15 in Classics 10/9/17#16 in Classics 21/9/17
Kidnapped runaway

Lanie runs away from her abusive mother, only to get abducted by very dangerous men. She meets three other people who she calls family, but is taking away to live with Zach as his little pet. But some secrets come out, and she realises what you see isnt always what it is.
The Unfortunates | COMPLETED

Mates are found before you turn 22 - that's the rule.If you don't, you are branded. Being branded as an Unfortunate isn't easy, and you can't come back from it. Avery Wilcott: the daughter of an Alpha, formerly an Alpha herself. Branded at 22, she threw herself into training. A spinster, an Unfortunate, and living at home with her parents and Alpha brother, she's a disappointment to the werewolf community - and to her mate.Start date: May 16th 2020Completed: September 19th 2020 Chapters get longer the further in you go!#22 in Romance - 08.10.2020-10.10.2020!!#405 in Love - 20.11.2020#48 in Chicklit - 21.03.21#18 in Werewolf - 12.12.2020 #1 in Mates - 10.11.2020#1 in Luna - 02.10.2020
Martial God Asura

Regarding potential-even if you are not considered a genius, you can still learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Anyone can be enlightened without a master. Regarding strength-despite having a myriad of artifacts, you may not defeat my army of World Spirits. Who am I? All of the world's living perceives me as Asura, but I was ignorant to such a thing. I thus ascend to be the Martial God as Asura.This is not my original story, therefore all the credits goes to the rightful owner of the story.{ Author : Kindhearted Bee }Hope y'all have fun reading it..✨💗
Agnes Grey (Completed)

This is the debut novel of English author Anne Brontë, first published in December 1847 ( and originally written under the pen name, Acton Bell). The novel follows governess Agnes Grey as she works with the families of the English gentry, and is considered to be largely based on Brontë's own experiences as a governess. The novel addresses the position of governess and what it entailed, and how it affected a young woman.Cover by @FrankRSP
Alpha Of Blood

Alexia wanted a mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her.Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know is that she isn't leaving without a mate.But what will happen, will they have their happily ever after?Will they forever act like rejected mates?Or will something else occur?

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The Second Choice: tvd fan-fiction

Clara-Grace Forbes is a strong, gorgeous, brave, feisty, badass girl. She's the kind of girl everyone would ever dream to be or to be friends with. She is kind and sweet but also rude and straightforward. She's also always second choice just like her twin sister Caroline Forbes. But even Caroline gets chosen before she ever will and she's a bit sick of always being second. She was human until she met the one and only Kathrine Pierce.Clara-Grace never planned on becoming best friends with someone who killed her but she also didn't plan on falling in love. With who? you'll just have to read to find out. Follow the adventures of Clara-Grace and her friends to find more friendships, enemies, dangers, romances, and more. This is her story.⚠️Curse words, blood/gore (obviously), sad scenes, some strong content,maybe smut⚠️All rights reserved to rightful owners/actors I only own my made-up character "Clara-Grace" and whatever storyline parts that aren't actually in the show.

1.6K 15 37 Full
Preguntales A Los Cartoons

Holaa ! Bienvenido Aquí Podrás Preguntarles A Las Series Mas Populares De Cartoon Network Solo Deja Tu Pregunta En La Descripción Y Tal vez Salga Aquí Suerte !!!

71 1 3

❗️TRIGGER WARNING❗️Lacie Montgomery is a 23 year old living in Avon, Connecticut. Her life appears to be perfect, but every flower has its thorns. She has been living in a continuous routine, caring for her husband, for the past two years- two dreadful years. She wants a way out, she wants to change this path. She wants to fix it before she's in too deep. But Lacie is already too deep. [Trigger warning: Depression, abuse, anxiety]

3 1 0
Translocation of An Unknown Ruler [Tensura x Solo Leveling]

Rimuru travelled through space and time, and found himself in the aftermath of the Cartenon Temple after it dematerialised. Unconscious and not knowing where he is, the only other person with him is an also unconscious Sung Jinwoo.Neither Tensura nor Solo Leveling belongs to me. All characters from the series belong to their retrospective creators.

1.2K 6 83
Не по - голливудски

Стереотип, выработанный совсем неосознанно, о том, что любовь ставится выше дружбы не совсем правдив. Дилемма преследовала меня. Как быть? Выбрать любовь или дружбу? Предать человека, который стал мне ближе всех, или остаться с тем, кого я люблю? И я нашла выход.

41 3 3
Buy Old Gmail Accounts

Buy Gmail Accounts➤Email: [email protected]➤Skype: usasmmit➤Telegram: @usasmmit➤WhatsApp: +1 (203) 433-2801There are a lot of reasons why you might want to buy Gmail accounts. Maybe you need multiple email accounts for work or school. Or maybe you just want to have a backup in case your primary email account gets hacked.Whatever the reason, there are plenty of places where you can buy Gmail accounts.Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Do you want to make sure your messages are always delivered? Then you need to buy Gmail accounts.Gmail is one of the most popular email providers, with over 1 billion active users. When you buy Gmail accounts, you're getting access to a large pool of potential customers or clients. Plus, Gmail is known for its reliability and high delivery rates.So when you buy Gmail accounts, you can rest assured that your messages will always get through. There are a few things to keep in mind when buying Gmail accounts. First, make sure you're buying from a reputable source.There are a lot of scammers out there who will sell you fake or stolen accounts. Second, be prepared to pay a little bit more for aged or verified accounts. These are worth their weight in gold because they're more likely to be trusted by Google and less likely to get banned.If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then it's time to buy Gmail accounts!Can You Buy Gmail Accounts?

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Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 4

Homicide Detective/Profiler Brittany H. Blanton and her partner Tina M. Jones have been investigating a string of serial killings for months now. Each victim bares a striking resemblance to Tany herself. When the unknown killer strikes again, (this time sooner and more brutally than before) fearing for her identical twin sister, Carlyn. Tany calls in her teen crush and family friend.FBI Agent Gabriel Ivanov is the Team Leader of an underground agency of cops and military personnel known only as Strike. When a job needs done (within the realm of law enforcement) under the radar, Strike is ready for action.While working an underground case involving his own family (who are known members of the Russian Mob) Gabriel receives a call for help, from the one woman he has always wanted, but accepted he could never have.Together they must bring in a brutal killer, and fight their way out of a tangled wed of lies, deceit, and murder. Only together will they survive when more than one faction is out to take their lives.Will Gabriel be able to protect the woman he loves? If she lives through this, what will Tany do? Will she finally win the heart of the man she has loved since she was a teenager, or will she have to let him go? Will Gabriel loose himself to his Mobster side to save Brittany?

35.1K 21 2.9K
Мир в Fairy Tail |Заморожено временно|

Извините сразу за ошибки!Пары. Основные: Ромео Конбольт\ОЖПБудут, но они не главные(второстепенные): Нацу Драгнил\ОЖП, Мест Грайдер\Венди МарвелОЖП: Фукки Драгион. Волшебница черного огня.ОЖП: Луна Эшлин. Дьяволица. Ребят, персонажи выдумка. Не про меня, ни про кого. Просто выдумка.

21 1 2
Mr. Vampire [COMPLETE]

"Awalnya kau siap." Tegur seorang gadis yang sedang duduk di birai katil sambil mengemas beg sekolahnya. Rakannya yang ditegur tadi berpaling sambil tersenyum lebar. "Waktu pertama kan Sejarah." Ujarnya teruja. Gadis di birai katil tadi menggelengkan kepalanya. "Ecah... Ecah... Sejarah pun kau minat. Biol apa? Boring gila. Kalau akulah, Sejarah tu dah boleh dklasifikasikan sebagai ubat tidur terbaik, tahu?" Bebel gadis tadi. Ecah membuat muka bersahaja. Keningnya dijongket berkali-kali. "Suka hatilah. Ei... Tak sabar nak jumpa Cikgu Lia. Minggu lepas dah lah tak ada kelas sebab dia MC. Minggu ni barulah nak berseri." Ecah berlalu. Nampak sangat kegembiraannya hingga jalannya pun terlompat-lompat. Sekali tengok seperti kanak-kanak riang pun ada.

19.7K 6 262 Full
5 days to love - Miraculous AU

{completed} A new dating app for teens that everyone uses.Marinette's parents get her to try it,Adrien gets recommended by his best friend Nino.5 days to get to know each other.But will these 5 days be enough? And will they accept each other?~ ~ ~An adrienette AU

12.8K 7 342 Full