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Y/n lives a hard life, she's a 15 year old girl, completely normal right? Wrong. At home she takes constant abuse, all the while working three jobs to support her "loving" family, and attempting to be a mother figure to her 3 year old brother.

What she hadn't realized is that there is an extremely large family willing to do anything to have her.
The fleur family have always wanted a girl, for generations only boys were biologically taken into the family. It was deemed impossible by them to have a girl, through the mother's and aunts and grandmothers who married into the fleur family, none of them had been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Of course they all loved there sons dearly, and all of the family had grown accustomed to wanting a baby sister, one to coddle and love with all their hearts, one to protect from the world and all the darkness that comes with it.

So what happens when the whole fleur family goes out to eat at the local diner, and has little y/n as there waitress for the day. The ENTIRE family immediately grows an attachment to this frail girl,, and feel that if nobody else will love her, they will.

They notice how she flinches when a loud noise occurs,or whinces whenever she bumps into a table.

They want you in there family, they want you all to themselves to love, but how far will they go?

I'm not good at descriptions, but give this story a try. I will try and update at least once a week.

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