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"Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not a property that anyone can own.

"I-I am yours". Green is supposed to be my favorite color but as I look into his green merciless eyes I feel nothing but fear.

"Good girl. Now, we don't want your dear ones hurt, do we?"

Where do you see yourself in three years? Two? One?

What gives you the certainty that there will be one at all?

In a world where most people dream and everything is normal, how would it feel to not know what normal is?

Life is never easy, and it won't ever be. It's harder when you have demons of your past and devils in your present to fight against. No one wants to lose, but how long can you keep yourself stable? Only the strong and brave survives in the race. Is she strong and brave?

Triggers are present.

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