Step Brothers

Step Brothers

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Y/N recently lost her mother in a car accident. So her father took custody. But she has seven stepbrothers. So when she moves into her father's home, she finds herself surrounded by seven people who hate her.

Seven stepbrothers, an ex-boyfriend, and his twin brother


Y/n: "Why? Why can't you accept me when I have done nothing, Jungkook?" She asked in a low voice, and Jungkook turned around, surprised at seeing her there.
But after looking at her for a while, he answered.

Jungkook: "Why wouldn't I? Since the day you came, you have been taking so much from me. The room you're staying in was my sister'syou came, you have been taking so much from me. The room you're staying in was my sister's. My mother treats you like a fu*king princess. The father I knew left all of us just because of you. I had to spend my childhood without a father. The days he was supposed to help me learn football, he spent them with you playing house." He scoffed.

Y/n: "But what's my fault in all of this?"
Jungkook: "Your fault is that you exist!"

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