Stalker Girl [COMPLETED]

Stalker Girl [COMPLETED]

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Category: Humor

"I could bring some lunch and drop it off at your house if you give me your address......"

"Oh hell no!!! I don't want some 60 year old creep going around my neighborhood dropping food and running after little girls. "

"Excuse me. But this '60 something year old creep' is a college student who is 21 and VERY hot. He was trying to be nice to his friend, who by the looks of it, is actually a stalker going around calling innocent boys and trying to seduce them. TRYING being the key word here. "

When a crazy sarcastic girl prank calls and meets her "Prince Charming "

(9-OCT-2018) Previously known as "PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLYFISH"
COVER BY - @ashesofinfinity
March 29th- April 6 th- Published and Completed.

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