Spy School: Across the Seas

Spy School: Across the Seas

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Category: Adventure
The story before this book is Spy School: In Antarctica

Since Murray has finally turned into a good guy with the promise of money. He revealed to Ben Ripley that SKOPRION has a backup plan to Operation: UN
It will take place in China. Fortunatly, Murray agreed to become a mole for the CIA, if CIA pays him well for his time. Will Murray be able to find out the plot before he gets caught?

My previous book takes place before Spy School Revolutions, and this book takes place after the last book I wrote. I seriously recommend to read my last book before reading this one. I will try to explain everything, but somethings might still not make sense.

All the characters were created by Stuart Gibbs, the plot is mine though. Special thanks to TehImpossible for the cover.

#1 in berica (11/28/2023) :D

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