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Category: Romance
After a very public breakup, Olivia Rodgers is avoiding her cheating ex-boyfriend like the plague. Olivia has a notoriously difficult time speaking up for herself and she's afraid that when she finally runs into her ex, she'll end up apologizing to him. Her goal for the year is to keep her distance from him for as long as possible. She plans to stick close to her best friend Avery; however, Avery is pretty busy with her boyfriend and his brooding best friend, Alexander, who seems to tag along with them everywhere they go. Can Alexander get Olivia to speak her mind and finally stand up for herself? To be heard, Olivia may just need to shout.

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Love, Emma

"E-Emma? It's okay y-you know. I-I'm used to i-i-it.""You shouldn't have to be, some people disgust me, the nerve of them." "I can't blame t-t-th-them, I m-mean l-l-l-look at m-me." He sounds so defeated, even though I can tell he's trying to hide it, so hurt and broken and utterly defeated. And that, to me, is absolutely heartbreaking.Whipping around, he bumps into me, clearly not expecting my abrupt stop. "I am looking at you, and you're beautiful Nathan Walker, beautiful." There's tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat the size of a basketball, and my eyes are burning, burning and my heart hurts but it's so fast, pounding a beat against my chest- because he should know, people like Nathan deserve to be told how unequivocally, unconditionally, completely beautiful they are.. . . . . . . . . .Emma, a sixteen year old girl in the big city of Toronto, who befriends her school's social pariah, out casted for his looks. He's a very quiet, very gentle, giant, but everything's not that simple, the tough guy he looks like is nothing like what he actually is, not with his stutter, continuous insecurities, and his Social Anxiety.While their friendship develops, both at school and at his families Italian-style Cafe, Emma slowly starts to tear down his walls, finding herself deeply caring for the boy she finds behind them, a boy so caught up in his life's worth of ridicule, he has no idea of how beautiful he is.Read on into the story of Emma and Nathan, where she helps him come to terms with his Anxiety, breaks his insecurities, and every other society standard set to define Something Beautiful.. . . . . . . . . .A HUGE shout-out to @MarkHazard, @MoisesTheHuman, @Ranosii , @theanchorheart , @JasonPeace, @GlaDOS, @Feonix and everyone else who helped out with this book, I really appreciate it (More than you know) and I really hope they like how it's turned out ^-^

𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 no matter how hard she tries to resist, she ends up falling for the son of Poseidon.Percy Jackson x FEM!OC
the secret of Stiles

what if Stiles , the weak humain of the pack was in reality not so humain ? everyone in the pack always put Stiles aside since they think he is just some weak humain that need protection . But what will happen when some hunter came back to town for a very specific creature ? Will Stiles keep his secret or will he decide to told his friend about it ? you'll need to read the book to know 😉Hello dear readers ❤️ this book is not discontinued but finished. I don't think I'll make a sequel unless you ask for one. Enjoy this story! ! I don't own teen wolf and the characters !
Face Your Fears

Archer Morales's life is finally perfect. He's married to the girl of his dreams and finally has a job he enjoys. But when something completely unexpected happens, Archer discovers that his wife, Hadley, has been keeping secrets, and that his past isn't going to be staying in the past for much longer.
Never-Ending Nightmare|Yandere!Smiling Critters x Male!Reader

Y/n L/n was just a normal orphaned child but doesn't have many friends in his life and his only friends are the Smiling Critters gang made by Playtime Co, a family friendly toy company that made amazing toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and the one and only Poppy Playtime herself.Y/n had a really hard time sleeping at night as a dedicated and talented scientist decided to let Y/n test out their latest new toy known as Catnap, a purple cat plushie that emits sleeping gas from his mouth that can put anyone to sleep, which actually worked really well as Y/n gets to keep the toy from the scientist as a gift and became best friends with Catnap as they both played together in Dreamland along with the rest of the Smiling Critters. Y/n could never been happier until the Catnap toys were recalled and Playtime Co. was shut down after some "incidents" that happened behind closed doors.But then, many years later after Y/n reached to adulthood, he was dared by his so-called friends that were completely drunk as hell to go into the factory and stay there for a whole night as Y/n soon found himself back at the Orphanage, completely run down and abandoned.He eventually found the Smiling Critters in the factory that are all filled with so much joy to see their old friend back and now they don't want him to leave as they are determined to turn him into a Smiling Critter like them so he can be with him....Forever.
Little Rich Boy

His dad is the CEO of the largest firm in New York. He's the king of the school, girls fall at his feet. He dries his hands with broken hearts and hundred dollar bills.Her dad works as a store manager. She's the scholarship kid at the school, unnoticed by almost everyone . She treasures the pennies she has.He's Dustin Fox the little rich boy that needs to learn how to love She's Hadley Penderson the uptight girl that needs to learn how to live{NOT EDITED}

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More Than Meets the Eye (A Ninjago Fanfic)

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[BSDOC] Can't See In The Dark (ENG)

*** THIS IS AN ENGLISH VERSION OF THE STORY. FOR SLOVAK ONE, PLEASE FIND IT IN MY PROFILE***"Can I really change?"In the port city of Jokohama, 21-year-old Ishihara Michiko harbors a unique ability: she can become invisible at will. Manipulated by her criminal parents for years, Michiko's skills were exploited for art thefts and bank robberies. However, her life takes a sudden turn when she joins an esteemed Armed Detective Agency. Two months into her new life, Michiko grapples with an internal conflict: Can she truly leave her shadowy past behind and embrace the path of righteousness? As alliances are tested and loyalties questioned, Michiko must navigate a world where the lines between right and wrong blur, questioning if redemption is truly within reach.DISCLAIMER:The story is a fanfiction for anime Bungo Stray Dogs with my OC insert. As I try to put her into the main story line, there will be parts which will go according to manga/anime with little adjustments to fit my OC, but there will also be chapters with my original content to fully develop my character.Most characters and Bungo Stray Dogs itself belong to original author, Asagiri Kafka.The title pucture and Michiko belong to me.

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kill it with fire

kill it with fire

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you raise me up || harry potter

After meeting Draco in Diagon Alley, Harry reserves his judgments, desperate to make friends. And when the Hat places him in Slytherin, Harry must find a way to get along with his new Housemates and Head of House. Severus Snape, though initially vindictive, comes to find that his preconceptions may have been wrong... and those preconceived notions are shattered when Snape is the one to take Harry in the summer before his third year. New and improved version in progress on ao3!❝ Albus, are you sure Harry's power is love... and not forgiveness? ❞ ❝ Forgiveness and love often do go hand in hand, Severus. ❞[drarry, trans!harry, slytherin harry, snape adopts harry fic]

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