Serendipity in the CitySetting

Serendipity in the CitySetting

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Category: Non-Fiction
Title: Serendipity in the CitySetting: New York City, present dayCharacters:Jenny Park: A young, ambitious journalist working for a prominent magazine.Han Lee: A successful, yet humble, chef and owner of a popular Korean fusion restaurant.

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The story of three reincarnated Girls from 21st century tied the knot in the pre historical time of 13th century what will happend when three water personalities meet with the fire!!!Will they dissolve or not?or will evaporate like gas?" Dont try to seduce us prince we aren't fragile like your soldiers "" So l need to show you how powerful l am? " scanning the body he Said" Boys get one for yourself and leave HER for me "....Historical book!!fictional with magic!!Will start after my current ongoing book THE LOVE ARRANGE#3 fictional#1 old

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Soulmate. Meriam Webster defines soulmate as "a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament." Maybe in some parallel universe you get to chose your soulmate but in my world, you're born with a symbol and your soulmate has the same symbol as you. If you're born without a symbol, fate has it set for you to be single your whole life. Fate has you set up with someone based on a symbol. You're expected to marry the one fate has chosen for you. But what if fate was wrong? What if the symbol was wrong, the person you are destined to be with is one you're actually not destined to be with? What if you could chose your fate instead of fate having it predestined?

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Elsa Arendelle bumps into four boys.Hiccup Haddock- Elsa's clingy and over protective bestfriend, he's attractive yet geeky, and addicted to dragons. Tadashi Hamada- All the way from Japan, he is extremely smart, but his looks doesn't define him as a nerd. He's a teacher in Elsa's school, but because of his high IQ he gratuated college early, so he's known as the Handsome Smart Teacher.Hans Isles- The major f-boy in disguise, he's loyal to his girl, but he hates long relationships. He gets bored at it, and when he says its over, he makes sure that he does it softly so he doesn't seem to look like a player.Jack Frost- Hot, handsome, and really has a strong appeal. He's the school's hearthrob and every girl is hoping to be his, Even though he has a girlfriend. But no one knows his deepest darkest secret, he's still inlove with a girl since forever, we just dont know who she is.Elsa Arendelle- She believes in destiny and all those crap. But upon meeting these four boys, what is their purpose at Elsa's life?

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Văn án: Bởi vì hàng to dùng tốt, Mục Phách trở thành chồng của Văn Gia Ngộ.Người phụ nữ giàu x Kẻ nghèo đáng thươngVăn Gia Ngộ x Mục PháchBóng dáng của cô rất đẹp. Trên người mặc một bộ váy màu xanh nhạt, tà áo thật dài, bên trên có thêu những họa tiết hoa bi màu trắng lấm tấm, cô rảo bước dưới ánh đèn đuốc sáng sáng trưng trên đường phố, tựa như những ánh sao trời rơi đầy dưới mặt đất.Đầu phố có quán mì đã mở được trên mười năm. Khách đến rất đông, món ăn ngon nhất đó chính là mì thịt bò nạm cà chua, cà chua chua chua ngọt ngọt cùng với thịt bò nạm thơm ngào ngạt, đi vào khoang miệng lập tức tan ngay, nước dùng sóng sánh khiến người ta nhìn cũng cảm thấy tay chân ngứa ngáy.Cô ngồi ăn rất ngon.Ăn xong tô mì đó, cô đứng lên đi thẳng vào phố ẩm thực. Mới đi được nửa đường, cô đã mua một cốc nước ép dưa hấu, uống hai hơi thì bỏ, lại đến bạch tuộc viên mùi vị không tồi rồi cá nướng, mùi vị quả không tệ. Ngay cả hải sản với mùi vị cực kì là lạ thế nhưng cô lại ăn rất nồng nhiệt.Lần sau, ra ngoài dạo phố tốt nhất không nên mang giày cao gót. Mới đi được nửa con phố, cô đã trượt gót chân đến mười hai lần.Có điều vẫn còn may, cách cô không xa chính là quán bar nổi tiếng nhất trấn Nam Thủy. Cô đứng vững lại, rồi sau đó bước từng bước vào, phất tay từ chối sự hướng dẫn nhiệt tình của nhân viên tiếp tân. Một mình tiêu xái bước vào, giống như là đi vào miệng dã thú.

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"Hi there, Victor."the boy said, and looked at me. "Uhh,"I said confused (I just got freaking exiled from hell! I have all rights to be confused!!) "My name is not Victor." The boy grinned at me. "Hah! No, I'm Victor."¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨Exiled from Hell.Lost in the human world. What should a demon kid do?Well, here is what I, decided to do:I teamed up with two humans.A boy with the ability of looking into the future, and a girl with the ability of stopping the time. The only problem now is; HOW ON EARTH DO YOU MAKE HUMANS UNDERSTAND THAT THEY HAVE MAGICAL POWERS?!(Warning!!! CONTAINS SWEARING AND GORE)

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The story begins after an incident of the Mafia Massacre. Keiti has murdered everyone in the town except for one person she truly loves, Amaiti.

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GreyStone Park 1890 Two people were sent to GreyStone Park's psychiatric hospital. But they are not crazy. They were framed by someone. They need away to get out. They work with a girl to get out. They'll do anything to get out. Will they get out?

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Little thougts after a heartbreak that lead to healing.

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And she told me, 'talk less, smile more.'

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Next book in the nostalgic journey's series but this time We meet John Freedom a young man who was given his own Omnitrix and thrust into a world of many horror's that he must find a way out of, can he make it out of this cursed world or will he be dead by daylight? (may or may not contain content too scary or intense for younger viewers, we will see)

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