Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Male IS User

Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Male IS User

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Izuku Midoriya, formerly known as Yagi never had a happy life
Ever since he was diagnosed as Quirkless, his life turned upside down
His step-sister Izumi along with her friends(1A) started to bully, torment and beat him
His mother Inko(Magnet) and step-father Toshinori Yagi(All Might) neglected and abuse him
At the age of 7 where he left beaten and bloody, he was saved by Maya Yamada who was patrolling
Hisashi find out about this and sue everyone who hurt Izuku
Izuku was healed, but his right arm had to be amputated because of the infection he had

Now Izuku is working hard as The CEO of The Midoriya Industries and as an IS Pilot

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