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Save The Villain

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Song Jinxi really likes the overlord villain in a story about a sadomasochistic president. The villain is handsome and innocent, smarter than demon, coldhearted and not lustful, and his aura is so handsome and strong! As a result, she unintentionally bound to a system, and was told that the villain was blackened and wanted to kill the hero and the heroine to destroy the world? The two-dimensional world is in danger of collapsing, and Song Jinxi turns into a justice warrior into the novel. -The first time, the villain was still a little boy and she sacrificed her life to save him. In the second crossing, the villain grew into a young boy. To save him, she sacrificed again. The third crossing...dead again. -The three worst things in the villain's childhood have been avoided by her. He is still blackened to destroy the world? Song Jinxi crossed in for the fourth time, but she did not expect to be caught by the villain as soon as she landed. -The villain boss, pressed the petite girl on the wall, whispered in her ear with a very dangerous voice: "If you dare to die again, I will let everyone in this world be buried with you.

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