Reborn To Marry A Disabled Fiance [ Danmei MTL ]

Reborn To Marry A Disabled Fiance [ Danmei MTL ]

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Dear Reader, Please Read the Following;

Author: Ye Zixuan
Status: Finished
Last update: January 9, 2020
Latest Chapter: Chapter 74


Popular idol Mu Xingyu suddenly withdrew from the crew and terminated the contract with the economic company.

The black fan said: Abandoned by the funder.

But it didn't take long for a careful netizen to reveal that Mu Xingyu is the only son of a real estate boss.
Now the fans are dumbfounded.

Later, Mu Xingyu took over the high-end endorsement and participated in large-scale film and television dramas. Everyone thought he was relying on his father, but the investor was the Gu Group.

Legend has it that Gu Yunzhou, the head of the Gu family, had disabled legs and was indifferent and tyrannical. He was an out-and-out cold-faced tyrant.

Mu Xingyu was unhappy and tweeted: This is my husband, with a gentle personality and good health!
In the last life, Mu Xingyu mistakenly believed in the scum man, killing Gu Yunzhou, and Gu Yunzhou was still begging the scum man for him before he died.

To live again, he decisively married Gu Yunzhou, and also used his golden finger to rescue Gu Yunzhou.

Gu Yunzhou was in a car accident and was in a coma for more than a year. He didn't expect to be married to his sweetheart when he woke up.

He was happy in his heart, but his face was stretched.

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