Pros group chat

Pros group chat

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I've read some of these chats stories so I thought why not do it

Hawks is age down to 14 and deku is 14 so it is legal since they are the same age now

Hawks x deku

And after shoto was burned endever was trying his best to be better he would train shoto how to use his quirk and when he was tired he will tell him there done and to relax and would let him play with his siblings and toyua is dabi but dabi is a hero

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The House Of Nightmares

A well known psychopath and a cursed girl. Both wanting to leave the world behind. Wanting to escape from the present they enter the house where no one who's gone in has ever come out Alive. "What could go wrong?""Everything." Psyco x cursed Updated once a week
Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabaleshgarh

Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myself on the floor, close to the door. Time passed but no one came unlocking the door and allow me to fight for our pride. "Attention..." the speaker said loudly. I quickly stood up and I could feel my heart coming out of the skin. Anything can be announced at this moment. " As the Prince of Pratapgarh killed mercilessly by our strongest army, I declare the war won by the Mahabaleshgarh and all the property belonging to Pratapgarh claimed by our empire including all Money, Royalties, children and all the ladies..." I Stood Frozen at that moment. I can't hear anything else. I tried escaping the place but suddenly the door stand banged open. I ran and in the hurry, I banged to the table and fell on the floor. I tried to stand up but They came fastly and one of them caught me by pulling my hair and made me stand. It hurt like hell. I cried, I cried loudly feeling the fear and most of all losing my everything. The person holding my hair try to press his hand against my cheeks and then one of them said " Keep her for the Prince, she is the Princess Abhishree""yes... I agree, Don't touch her. Princess can only be the prostitute of the Prince" Another one said.~~~The story is set back in the sixteen century When The most powerful empire Mahableshgarh attacked the another Empire Pratapgarh and won the battle effortlessly. Losing the battle doesn't come with the loss but with the dangerous situation for the ladies. They would be treated as prostitutes, Raped, work as a slave and in the most dangerous condition sold or killed. The never saw dream of Abhishree came true. She was taken by the Prince and has to work as his slave. But her attitude was never giving up. She considered that She was the Princess, She is the Princess and she will be the Princess. THE BATTLE IS NOT ENDED YETMature content!!!
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She's got the eyes of innocence,The face of an angel,A personality of a dreamerAnd a smile that hides more pain,Than you can ever imagine.#1 bellacullen (28/10/18)#1 bellaswan (17/04/20)#1 alicecullen (20/01/19)#1 rosaliehale (02/09/19)#1 thetwilightsaga (16/02/19)#1 stephaniemeyer (23/02/19)#1 esmecullen (02/04/19)#1 jasperwhitlock (05/09/19)#1 hale (18/10/19)#1 renesmee (24/11/19)#1 volturi (18/10/23)#2 sethclearwater (07/05/19)#3 cullen (20/04/19) #5 edwardcullen (25/10/18)#5 jacobblack (22/08/19)OC x Unknown Started | 17/09/18 |Ended | 04/09/19 |Editing | 12/10/23 | - | 17/10/23 |Pre Twilight / Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 / Post Breaking Dawn
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In the year 2127, a 2 year long civil war rages across the galaxy. War has decimated every planet and the humans along with their allies fight against the Shadow Covenant, a faction of power hungry warlords and worshippers of the darkness. This will be a quick backstory and introduction to the largest galactic revolution that had ever happened in galactic history.
Moonlight (Winx club + oc)

Join Artemis and the Winx on a thrilling adventure. Princess Artemis has been homeschooled for as long as she can remember, but now she finally gets to join Alfea. She is excited to embark on a new journey, but things take a turn when the Trix come and try to ruin it all. Disclaimer: I do not own Winx, I only own my OC storyline and interpretation. The drawings belong to the original artist. This book consists of Season 1.
Новая Жизнь?

Пишу первый раз не судите строго
The Rebirth of the Strong Woman MTL

Note; it's not my work, for offline use only. I only use google translation don't expect correct grammar. The dark age is coming as scheduled, the strong come out in large numbers, capable people gather, and the heroes compete for hegemony! Apocalyptic disaster, accidentally gaining meteorite power, carrying supplies, attack healing, and watching the heroine world! Genuine introduction: In the chaotic world, the power is supreme, the ordinary woman, but the glory of the end of the world! If one day, the world is destroyed, the virus is overflowing, and 80% of humans are infected with you, what will happen? Was it helpless to be swallowed, or to rise up in an age of bloody violence? Come on, collect supplies, draw partners, and do a great job together! In the chaos of the world, should women cling to men? The world is so cool, should a woman be humiliated? Tranquility wants to go against the current and go against the trend! Pull-on the women's team and achieve glory! In this dark age where there is no political power, no laws, and everything depends on strength, tranquility gains strength! The magical meteorite power actually attacks, heals, and carries the decomposed matter! What a blessing this is in the last days of lack of supplies and water! And the ex-boyfriend who abandoned his team in the fleeing team? Rich girl, who robbed her boyfriend? This time it was Ning's turn to disdain! This is a story about a woman growing up with the help of zombies. Author: old sheep grazing The latest chapter of the rebirth of the last generation of the strong woman full-text reading recommended address:
Depressive Ink Au comic

Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21 is the last one the creator of this story takes too long to do this comic so bye.

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-Choi Youngjae fue secuestrado en su cumple años número cuatro, mientras paseaba con su madre. Desde entonces creció siendo utilizado para todo tipo de vandalismo, pero su corazón se mantiene puro aun viviendo sin cuidados ni amor.- Im Jaebum, policía-investigador recién ingresado que vive sus días con el propósito de hacer cumplir la ley, luego de la muerte de su hermana. Prometiéndose a sí mismo que acabaría con la maldad y la injusticia.... ...

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Alternate Title:看我吃鱼很刺 Status [Edit]:CompletedAuthor:黑猫睨睨A famous website had a live farm channel with a very special anchor. In the fish pond where he worked, the smallest fish was at least a meter long. Whenever people got close to them, the fish used their tails to smack them.Visitors felt that it was impossible for someone to eat one of these fish in their lifetime.Then one day, Yan Ran arrived at the fish pond. This new boss was not only beautiful and exquisite, but also an excellent chef. After that, the style of the show changed."This fish is too fat, it will affect its health. It can be made into sweet and sour fish!"The weather's been very cold recently, so the grass carp might struggle to survive. I'll make them into boiled fish!""Urgh, how can catfish whiskers roll like noodles? The ugliness is blinding! Well, lets braise them!"One day when Yan Ran was about to eat a live fish on his show, a big glowing fish appeared in his tank.Live visitors: ▼_▼Koi King( Koi : A fish that represents good luck): ▼_▼Yan Ran: So big, needs two grills, one for salty and one for spicy! [JPG(Picture): Excited Cat Ears]Note:1) This is not my story, credit to the author2) This is google translate (mtl)3) This is for offline purpose only

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my babes all in a book.

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The House Of Nightmares

A well known psychopath and a cursed girl. Both wanting to leave the world behind. Wanting to escape from the present they enter the house where no one who's gone in has ever come out Alive. "What could go wrong?""Everything." Psyco x cursed Updated once a week

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After transferring to Hawks's hero agency, y/n has high expectations. Hawks is the youngest hero to make it to the top 10, but upon meeting him y/n is surprised to say the least. Will this be a soaring romance or an awkward friendship? Or both? Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy it!

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It's all in the titleBtw the reader will be female so sorry if you're male or sum just imagine it differently or sum I guessAlso this is my first time writing anything like this so constructive criticism is welcome The characters will be Izuku MidoriyaKatsuki Bakugou Shoto Todoroki Eijirou Kirishima Denki KaminariThere maybe more if I feel like itPlease enjoy

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"I never gave up on life Lilliana. Life gave up on me" - Alexa Hardeen

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Ang Storyang ito ay Teen Fiction na naglalaad ng mga kwentong nagpapahiwatig ng gangster world.

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