Pranking The Prank King

Pranking The Prank King

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A Shodimu Sophia, Dream_writer11, novel


A story of a high school girl who has endured a lifetime of abuse. She finds herself entangled in a school where a notorious prankster, who happens to be a wealthy player, reigns supreme. When he pranks her, she fearlessly retaliates, sparking an unexpected romance.

Diana Kent
After the tragic death of her father, she was forced to live with her mother. Depression wasn't the best state for the young widow as she inflicted all the pain on her teenage daughter. She ignored all her duties as a mother and it became the responsibility of the child.

Dylan Kings
Bluefall's popular prankster and ladies man, Dylan Kings had all every child his age could wish for. Money, looks, luxury. He was popularly known for pulling pranks on people for the sake of fun. After making a huge mistake by pulling a prank on a nerd and hoping to get away with it, she became the first and only person to plot a revenge against him.

Two different lives meet for the sake of a prank. Find out in pranking the prank king.

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