Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

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"Rule number one," He whispers, pulling back to look me right in the eye, "Never let your guard down."
He flashes me a cunning smirk as I stare at him, stunned at what he had just done. Only, he makes a mistake of turning to see what everyone else ahead of the bleachers is doing.
I smirk and take a step back forcefully. Just as he turns his head back to face me, I swing my arm at his face.
"No. That's rule two," I snap, "Rule one is never turn your back to your opponent."

Faye Williams is not the type of girl who would call for the attention. However, she calls things as she sees them. Faye's not afraid to use her fist, for that's all she's ever known. Some call her a good girl while others call her a rebel. What most people don't know is that she's witnessed things that not many people get to witness. With an unstable mother who blames her for a needed divorce, she's seen, heard, and knows plenty.
It's not until she moves to Miami, Florida with her dad, that trouble arises. Let's just say that the odds are not in her favor, especially when it comes to that notorious 'bad kid' Travis. Yet, for some reason, she feels that fixing the bad boy will mend herself. When a powerful gang leader, a notorious bad boy, vengeful mother, and two faced acquaintances enter the equation, Faye knows there's nothing to save her now.

*Copyright ยฉ 2013*
All rights reserved.

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Pabrik Tempat Mandi Mayat di Gunung Sindur

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