Pax Galactica - A Space Opera

Pax Galactica - A Space Opera

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Category: Science Fiction
Humanity has built for itself a near-utopia with no more use for violence. Someone has to protect it.

Sam Decker is a man without purpose. The perfect, strife-less techno-utopia into which he was born has left him feeling directionless and nihilistic. Without risk or conflict his life has no meaning.

Until one day, after a little creative rule breaking, Decker brings himself to the attention of a high-tech, stateless, semi-clandestine military outfit. Now he will have all the risk and conflict he can handle.

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Title:Author: Bai Yunduo (白云朵)Status: CompletedDescription:As the only Omega in the Lu family, Baby Lu is spoiled, growing up as an arrogant and coquettish young man. Everyone thought that he would grow into a peerless Omega with fair skin and beauty but with that glamorous face, he had a genetic mutation at the age of sixteen and became a top-notch Alpha day by day. After Baby Lu differentiated into Alpha, the first thing he did was to take his bunny back to the nest, press it under the pads of the wolf's paws, protect and pamper him, and prevent anyone from bullying him.After Ruan Mian was taken back to the nest by Lu Baobao he saw Lu Baobao's eyes getting hotter. He couldn't help hugging his own rabbit ears and shivering, worrying that he would be bitten every day. [Alpha Snow Wolf Gong X Omega Lop Eared Rabbit Shou]____________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translator, and link(s)  
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"He's staring at you," my sister whispered, wide-eyed.Now that I realised, I could feel someone's eyes burning the back of my head and as I turned around to see what my sister was talking about and my jaw immediately dropped whilst a cold shiver ran up my spine at the sight of the school's dangerous, certified bad boy.I shrugged nervously and turned around to face my sister. "Maybe he's just looking at what I'm wearing."The outfit was pretty cute, hands down."But he never stares at anyone. He has only given them a cold stare that lasts for at least two-seconds."Oh hell no.
Bride Of Rajvansh

1st story of Rajvansh seriesStory of Shivanya and YuvrajShivanya Sharma ~Shivanya is a beautiful and cheerpy girl. She is a fashion designer by profession, youngest daughter of Vikram Sharma. Shivanya is kind and innocent and a smart woman who always prioritizes her family above. She is the apple of her family. Yuvraj Singh Rajvansh ~ Yuvraj singh Rajvansh is the king of Jaipur. He belongs to a royal family, the elder son of the Rajvansh family. The CEO of Rajvansh empires. He is arrogant and strict but kind towards his people and sweet with his family and his wife. He can kill anyone who tries to hurt his family.Yuvraj ties knot with Shivanya. Tied with an arranged marriage, join this beautiful, cute, and fun journey with both couples.#1 in Pati#12 in Jaipur#79 in husband and wife#2 in patni#7 in biwi#8 in Rajvansh#48 in desi
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Wolves are either dominant or submissive. One can't live without the other your wolf will go crazy and go feral, you'll end up killing someone or killing yourself.OlliverI grew up a human, i had a future waiting for me. Until i changed and became a wolf, i never asked to become one. Everything changed my school, life, i had two dominant to obey now.JacobI'm the pack beta, I'm always in charge but when the new little puppy came in to town i couldn't help but claim him as mine. Well mine and noah's my mate.NoahI'm the co-beta and jacob's mate. He loves to act all big bad cop while I'm the good cop in our relation. All we've been missing a little to complete our family and satisfy our dominance tendency. We're both daddy doms and the new puppy is ours, all that's left for him to get used to it. This is a DDLB story. Apologies for any misspelling and grammar mistakes.

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how can someone be so arrogant and attractive at the same time?; copyright © tobi. 2016STARTED : JANUARY 8, 2016FINISHED : JUNE 20, 2016

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⭐시알리스파는곳『[ㅋr톡YKCS7]』비아그라구매◈️프로코밀퀵가격❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#정품비아그라온라인구매,#롱타임크림정품구매,#골드드래곤복제약구매⭐시알리스파는곳『[ㅋr톡YKCS7]』비아그라구매◈️강직도영양제당일배송❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#발기부전비아그라5mg효과,#마시는비아그라처방없이구매,#필름시알리스처방,#캡슐시알리스퀵배송가격,#발기력강화약당일구매,#조루방지제품가격,#88정퀵,#요힘빈복제약구입방법,#발기부전영양제정품구입,#비아그라복제약판매점,#조루치료제처방없이구매,⭐시알리스파는곳『[ㅋr톡YKCS7]』비아그라구매◈️비닉스약국판매가격❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#vinix복용법,#약국용비아그라퀵배송가격,#스페니쉬플라이처방전필요없는약국,#아드레닌가격,#필름형비아그라가격,#레비트라퀵가격,#발기부전제처방,#성기능향상영양제처방전없이구입,#구구정당일구매,#롱타임크림퀵가격,#먹는시알리스구입,⭐시알리스파는곳[ㅋr톡YKCS7]비아그라구매◈️vinix약국판매가격❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#비닉스5mg효과,#정력에좋은영양제복용법,#약국용비아그라퀵구입,#발기부전시알리스퀵배송,#약국용비아그라퀵가격,#천연시알리스약국가격,#먹는비아그라처방전없이구입,#vinix당일배송,#정력에좋은약구매후기,#정품시알리스퀵배송,#발기부전용품사용법⭐시알리스파는곳『[ㅋr톡YKCS7]』비아그라구매◈️a 발기부전 치료제 구매,비뇨기과 비아그라,비아그라약국처방전,핀페시아,카마그라,카마그라 직구,센포스,비달리스타,독일정품프로코밀 후기,시알리스 처방,정품비아그라 성분,발기부전증상,발기부전 조루 등 남성건강

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"Nagisa-kun?""It's me, Y/N."It all started when they both meet 10 years ago. Everything was well, until Y/N had to move out of Tokyo. 10 years have passed, and they both reunited happily in class 3-E. Becoming as sweet and great as ever. Hi ( ' ▽ ' )ノ this is my first assclass fanfiction, specifically Nagisa x Reader. Please pardon the grammar errors that I have -Bii.

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Serendipity | Wonyoung X Sunghoon Fanfic

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Jang Wonyoung and Park Sunghoon are both world-famous kpop idols who happened to both be selected as MCs for the music show, Music Bank. They didn't have much interaction during or after the show because of the awkward work atmosphere. But one weekend out of work, the two accidentally met each other anonymously. They both interacted, still not knowing who the other person was and later started to fall for the other person. But what will happen when they find out each other's identities? And how will they survive the cruel kpop industry?Highest ranks#1 Jangkku#1 Music Bank#225 one#1 jangwonyoung#7 iz#278 enhypen#14 wonyoung#286 sunghoon#8 ive#50 izoneNote : This is for entertainment purposes only, no hate or anything intended. We know that currently Wonyoung is a minor and Sunghoon isn't, but in this she is a few years older than her current age and everything in this story is fictional.Enjoy and thank you!A collaboration with @YjwPsh

22K 24 604 Full
A Mother's wrath

Suspended. How on earth did Nagisa Shiota get himself suspended? and even worse than that, what would his mother think? With all that going on how was he supposed to deal with all these new emotions?I do not own assassination classroom or any of the characters but I am a huge fan.

126.1K 17 3.8K Full
Karma || Karma Akabane X Reader

Class E's "Evil Deity" is tangled into a huge mess after her transfer. A fake, hypocrite and a cheater in the eyes of the many students in Kunugigaoka Academy --- she is willing to face hardships that would push her to redeem herself and willing to lift herself up to the place she truly belongs to.But what if a redheaded sadist becomes an object of her interest and suddenly the map towards her destination gets burned? Will she remain? or will she go back and face her own karma?

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Our Turning of Fate: Karmagisa (Yaoi/Smut)

*WARNING* This story contains boy x boy, smut, inappropriate language, and violence.~Description: Imagine if Assassination Classroom took place in high school. ~Nagisa couldn't control his assassinator drive when it came to intimacy with Karma. His breath fell short as he felt Karma's tongue. The blue male's predator instinct was kicking in, his head screaming and pounding loudly. This wasn't love, just lust. The blunette wanted to yell, but he couldn't. "...I want to use and be used by you Karma... fight me and only me...beg for me...." Nagisa's consciousness said. Who's voice was that again? This wasn't love...right? Nagisa wanted two things and two things alone. One, to ravish Karma all for himself regardless of the consequences, and two, to love deeply and truly. Nagisa's head pushed him over the edge, his assassination instinct was winning. Karma's voice was dimming, his red seeping into Nagisa's vision like blood.The last thing Nagisa remembered was Karma's faded expression, lust, and the taunting killer drive like knives ripping through his brain until it all went white... and faded away.~Nagisa and Karma's infatuation with each other would deepen... but what would happen if their relationship decides to take a route further to lengths neither are ready for? Awakening a true monster within themselves... As both males become deeper invested, Karma begins to have issues understanding the darker side of the bluenette, developing a greater sense of fear and lust. Nagisa finds himself alone and distraught. Only memories would keep them together, and the hidden "stranger" from within Nagisa's dark side would alter their relationship forever. Only each other could bring them together, and only each other could rip them apart. Will Karma and Nagisa figure it out before theres nothing left?

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Cali's life turned upside down when her new next door neighbour Kyle Knight came crashing in to her life. He was possessive, easily jealous and misunderstood. He was sensitive, loving and kind and everything Cali needed in her hectic life.Even when things went rough around the edges, Cali knew she had someone to soften them up; her leather jacket wearing "bad boy" who might not seem that bad after all.•THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS AROUND 13/14 SO DON'T HATE. ONE DAY I WILL REWRITE IT. I STILL HOPE YOU ENJOY. :) •

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a short story that deals with toxic masculinity and growing up in a Hispanic household that felt suffocating to hide who I always knew I wanted to be, but could never fully accept it for the sake of making my family proud.

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