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Category: Teen Fiction
Book 1.5 in the "Life in-" series

Ashton McClain is lost.

After two years of spiraling out of control he has nowhere left to go. Trying to find something to fill the void his anger leaves. His entire town hates him. He has no friends. And his parents can't even look him in the eye.

His family packs up and moves to a new state with the hope that he'll find a new path. The problem is that after everything he's been through he's not sure he has it in him to care anymore.

Just when Ashton's about to walk away from his clean slate he bumps into a girl with curly hair and an attitude like he's never seen before. In that moment he thinks he finds exactly what he's looking for.

Who is Scarlett Rhodes and why does she always look so sad?

There's always a purpose in life as long as you're willing to search for it.

I hope you take a chance on this gem!
Hit 1 Million Reads (12/30/19)
#1 in general fiction (7/10/19)
#11 in chicklit (6/14/19)
#1 in teen love (6/13/19)
#6 in teen drama (7/26/19)
#19 in young adult (6/21/19)

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