No Shit, Sherlock

No Shit, Sherlock

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Twenty-three year old (Y/n) (L/n) is an intelligent and well respected woman and an incredible poet with a well known published book.

Although, at times she can be irrational, stubborn, aggressive, and sometimes even a little inappropriate. She's definitely not the type of woman you'd expect in 1885, especially one in London. However, she meets a like minded young woman named, Enola Holmes, and the two become friends and partners.

The two girls often find themselves in trouble, but like they say, well behaved women rarely make history.

(Sherlock Holmes x Reader)

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Buy Towel Ring bathroom towel ring is a household item for hanging towels, which is used to place towels to facilitate wiping after washing hands. Towel ring holder's general shape is a ring or a semicircle, or other shapes, the diameter is between 15cm~25cm, and the length is between 5cm~8cm.The craftsmanship of toilet towel ring is strong, the design is fashionable, and the practical functions are vividly reflected by the appearance. This stylish, lightweight and durable bathroom toilet accessories bring great convenience to life.Likegro copper towel hoop is made of high-quality copper material. After the surface is plated with copper, nickel and chrome, antique copper towel ring has high-strength anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions, and the surface is as bright as a mirror.
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not my story founded on a translation websiteuploaded for personal reading purposesAll rights goes to DHH translation!!! I do not own the story or translated version of the story

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THiS IS A RILLY SAD STOREY!!!!!!! RICH MAN BYAKUYA BUYS THE MYSTIC MESSENGER APP AND FALLS SWIFTLY IN LOVE WITH JAUUMIN HAJN!! you will CRIE! 😱🙀 ⚠TW!! SAD ⚠(btw these characters dont belong to me credit goes to cheritz and spike chunsoft)

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