Need Him (BxB)

Need Him (BxB)

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Category: Romance
[LGBTQ+ Romance]

#1 in teenage 1/10/22
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Presley Flint was thirteen when his mother died. From that point on, his life seemed to be turned upside down. At seventeen years old he's living with an alcoholic and abusive stepfather who has no regard for anybody but himself. Everyday, Presley is told that he is a waste of perfectly good air and day after day, he starts to believe it. He feels that school is his only refuge, but will that change when he's thrown a wicked curve ball and gets kidnapped by a gang? Will he help the gang? And if he does, will he even survive it?

Nathan Pierce is next in line to take his father's place as gang leader of the Creeds. Everyday, he works hard to keep his gang at the top of the food chain. He never stops. He'll sleep when he's dead. In order to make his gang stronger, he needs young and frail Presley to join his gang and become the miracle that they desperately need.

The only problem with having Presley is that everyone else wants him too, especially their rival gang called the K Blades. The K Blades want a chance to have a secret weapon and become as indestructible as the Creeds.

For both of them, at every turn, there is trouble. Little do they know that to solve their problems, the two boys need each other in more ways than one.

"I wasn't superhuman, but for him, I'd play God." -Nathan Pierce


-Slow burn novel
-Mentions of violence

Published 1/28/2021

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#1 in Healer
#1 in Teenage 1/9/2022
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