Marrying The Mafia

Marrying The Mafia

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Category: Romance
“You are mine to do with as pleased,” he sneered, the menacing look in his eyes told me this wasn't going to go as well as I first thought it would. What had I gotten myself into?

“You will do as I say, be as I say and most importantly don’t try to double cross me because it’ll only cause you your life,” he growled, I nodded looking at the floor not being able to sum up the courage to face him.

Sidney made a decision and now against all odds she has to stick to it. She was someone else's property, someone she never knew, a Mafia to be specific in this situation but right now to be honest she couldn't do anything.

What do you do when you are sucked in a tangled web of instantaneous decisions and long, lived past that everyone is afraid to open?

You pretend it never happened.

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