Love Song In Winter (Winter Solstice / Midwinter)❄️[Requested]

Love Song In Winter (Winter Solstice / Midwinter)❄️[Requested]

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Category: Romance
Anesthesiologist Lu Yan received an emergency call late at night.
On the way to the hospital, she accidentally met Deng Man, a female high school classmate who had been dead for many years.
From that day on, strange things happened one after another.

"Winter Solstice is a day for repaying injustice and taking revenge."

The truth that had been hidden for eight years was revealed step by step.

[Sweet version copy] Jiang Cheng Yi returned to S city after a few years.

At the class reunion, he "unexpectedly" met his ex-girlfriend Lu Yan, who had dumped him back then.

Seeing that Lu Yan was surrounded by strange things, Jiang Cheng Yi "reluctantly" took her in and moved her into his mansion.

When facing Lu Yan, Jiang Cheng Yi said coldly: "I'm just protecting your safety temporarily."

When receiving a call from his mother, Jiang Cheng Yi said coquettishly: "Mom, she is my girlfriend."

A month later, he told Lu Yan said: "Honey, how are you going to compensate me for eight years."

At the wedding, Jiang Cheng Yi concluded: "Winter Solstice is a day to do whatever you want."

Lu Yan: Sir Jiang, where is your integrity?

Adapted from the novel "Dong Zhi" (冬至) by Ning Long (凝陇).

One-sentence introduction: A journey to change your destiny, every step of the way is shocking.


This has Drama Adaptation who lead Huan Jing Yu and Sun Qian.

Today, I watched 1st trailer and decided to do this.

Novel has 70Chapters.

🛑Update:At least Two Chapters/Day🛑

Start Date : 22.5.2024
19.6.2024 : Complete

Chapter list

- Last updated at 11:55 19-06-2024

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