It's Hard Out Here For A Teen...

It's Hard Out Here For A Teen...

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Category: Poetry
No one really understands what goes through teenager's minds more than teens. Here's just a snippet of some of the things that are unsaid by us.

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**Story not mine**Title: The Malicious Member is Back!Nicknamed the worst malicious member in idol history, called 'Trash-Rex.'Stage name Rex, real name Kim Chunyong.As he was urgently arrested, with only the entertainment world waiting for him, he heard a strange voice in his head."Sign a contract with me.[Become the greatest idol in K-pop history.In case of failure return to the time of the urgent arrest.]... Can I start over from the beginning?Can his family be saved from the accident?"How crazy, even selling my soul!"A tearful battle of the former malicious member to undo the past mistakes begins!📕All credits All credits to the original author
My Vampire Enemy **

"He always despised her, and that makes Her to despise him the more . Their hatred for each other has been a constant, simmering just below the surface. But when she discovers his dark secret - that he's not human, but a creature of the night - her world is turned upside down. Now, her fate lies in his hands, and she's forced to confront the one thing she's always feared...°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°"Cover art not owned by author. Image used for illustrative purposes only. All rights reserved by original creator."°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°"Reader discretion advised: This Korean novel may contain Korean language, cultural references, and nuances that may be unfamiliar to non-Korean readers. Please be prepared for an immersive cultural experience!"
Alpha's Blind Beauty [UNDER HEAVY EDITING]

[Highest ranking #16]"Mine" the guy in front of us lowly growled. His voice made me melt inside, but yet I gripped Jakes arm because I was kinda scared, did we have something he had? I don't think we did. I kept my head down not showing him my eyes. He jerked me out of Jakes hold which made me freak out and struggle against his grip. How can people not see this? I could hear Jake struggle to get free from something, I put my head in the direction of the noise and my eyebrows scrunched together. Until something gripped my chin making me look up. I shut my eyes getting accompanied by darkness like usual."Open those pretty eyes of yours Vasílissa mou"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Evangeline Rose is a human who sees the world with her hands. She's blind and she has been blind since the first day she was born. She was told she had beautiful long hair with such beautiful clear skin and that her eyes were as white as snow. She has always wanted to see what the world looked like but she deals with it and her boyfriend always helps her with everything.Edrick Evans is a hybrid. He is a vampire and werewolf and he is the Alpha over all Alphas . He is still looking for his mate until he bumps into the blind beauty with her boyfriend. He instantly fell in love with her and possessive of her.So how will this blind beauty handle this out of control beast? Book one of the 'Alpha Series'

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I hope you enjoy this Star Wars fanfiction my vocbulary is not really good so please don't judge comment to tell me what I can do to improve and follow if you like my stories :)

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lolololololololololShips included:TanKanaAoiNezu (due to my friend)InoZen (due to AoiNezu)GiyuShino

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Meeting Them (BNHA fan fiction)

One day, when seen by a small 15 year old girl, a bracelet which contained quirks came to be the greatest phenomena of all time!People always say, "We want go to another world". But if SOMEONE does go to another world? And a world of quirks, no less ? What if Shira Dekutso went to the world of MHA forever? Being given five powerful quirks which are flying, telepathy, fire, ice and water, Shira becomes the talk of heroes and the target of villains like All For One.

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3 A.M

3 amThe clocks slow downThe minutes turn to hoursEveryone in their peaceful slumberThe night lays over these tired soulsAs our bodies begin to rest Our mind opens upFinally drifting off, The bells chime three times and my ease is no moreAvoiding this time at all costsThe ringing in my ears, sharp and unbearable The images leap out of my head, the fear really begins.I can feel his breath on me, metallic and hotHis hands slowly slide up my throatShaking, on the verge of screamingHe laughs at me, so sinisterI feel his grip tighten and his nails puncture my skin.Choking, kicking, I know I can't win.No one hears me, no one sees me but him.He leans over and kisses me softly then vanishesParalyzed, wide awake till the light cascades over my bodyFearfully looking at the damageThere is nothing, Sighing defeat, my mind has won again.

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Planning Our Future.

Mondo and Taka sit and talk about their future, unintentionally they let their futures intertwine.

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Your kid Kaizen (Vigilante Deku)

Midoriya Izuku has had visions for as long as he can remember... and I think many can agree that seeing other versions of yourself in other dimensions is not a common thing. But what happens when Izuku realizes that most of the things he's had to go through is pretty messed up well with his mother dead...Maybe?...Probably?...He really hads no idea.He doesn't know nor does he care where his so called "Mother" is. But what more is a kid todo when his childhood friend turned bully crosses the line between bully and just plain idiotic. Then All- Might "the number one hero"(note the heavy amount of sarcasm) just had to crush the dreams of the supposedly "quirkless" middle schooler. All Izuku knows is that Lady Luck must really hate him... or like him? He hasn't decided just yet.Hey but on the bright side luck always seems to be on his side when he slips away from the police, pro hero's, Nezu and villains alike when they try to capture him, or in the villains and Endeavors case kill him. Follow Izuku a chaotic prankster of a vigilante or should I say "Kaizen" as he drives Eraserhead, Detective Tsukauchi along with the entire police department up the wall around the moon and back. Izuku most definitely has no clue what life may throw at him next but he does know one thing for certain......He's going to need so many more paint balls_________________________________________ - Before you read!!! -I do NOT own Mha I do NOT own any of the characters This a NO SHIP fanficThis fanfic does NOT contain any Smut whatsoever ⚠️ Warnings include ⚠️- Child Abandonment- Bullying - Child Neglect - Mentions of injuries - Mild violence If any of this makes you uncomfortable please click off of this story.So with that out of the way please sit back grab your favorite snacks and enjoy my mess of a fanfic.

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Tom Holland Imagines

a book of tom holland/peter parker imagines?

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