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Staying Isn't Always Good

Sometimes love just isn't enough. We often stay in situations/relationships that we know are bad for us, all because of the love that we have for someone else. Loving someone is good. It's good to love. But there's a thin line between love & toxicity. Even though it'll hurt to leave, sometimes leaving is good when your mental health is at stake. Leaving allows you to allow yourself to obtain a peace of mind. Love shouldn't hurt. Love shouldn't be a hurting experience.

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Hands All Over Me....

This poem is dedicated to people who have been sexually assaulted & who have been molested. No matter if your traumatic moment ends or not you'll still be able to remember. Sn: Maybe sooner or later you'll eventually forget or maybe not you'll just realize that you need to go on. But it's good to Express your feelings and to tell your story about what happened to you. So you can heal & grow from your experience. Then you'll move on stronger than ever.🌹❣

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They always care at the end!!

I wrote this poem in dedication to how sad people really are. Love is shown when it doesn't even matter anymore. Everybody comes running when something bad happens or when you're no longer here on earth. But why wait until it's too late?Love now❀,not later....Later probably doesn't even exist.

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My Beautiful Disaster

What started off as a beautiful thing ended off with a disaster for an ending. Relationships aren't easy. It's important to be aware when it's no longer a good thing, it's important to know when the ride is no longer enjoyable. Sometimes we have to learn when to put things in park. And not look back on things with any regrets. The situation doesn't have to be viewed as a complete disaster. Perhaps it was a beautiful disaster?

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The Power Of A Bullet

There are just people who doesn't seem to understand the true power of a bullet. They don't realize all that they really do once they pull a trigger. All they care about Is hurting someone within that moment. They never think about the many people that they'll hurt by making such a terrible decision.

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Shame on America! (πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ)

There are a lot of people from all over the world who views America as a really good country(Of course not everyone). But their view is mostly based on what America has to offer such as the opportunities that exists here. But to us Americans.... I won't speak for all of us but most of us knows for a fact that America isn't hardly great. It's not even close.

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Love Shouldn't Have To Be A Chase...β™‘

There are so many people feels like they have to be in a relationship in order to say that they have "love" but that isn't true. They also feel like they have to chase after "love" in order to have it. And honestly no one has to chase after love. Real love just happens naturally.♥️🌹When it's real you won't have to do much chasing...Because it would be natural & mutual. So don't stress yourself out. You will find love when the time is right!

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Are You Your Own Demon?

Sometimes when people would say that they are batting inner demons really they're just battling themselves. They're their own demon. They're their own enemy.

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Second Best.

For once I just want to be someone's first. Someone's first choice. Someone's pick. Someone's favorite person. I am always last. And I am always second best. Does anyone else have that same feeling too?

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Why Can't We Live?!

It's really frustrating that most of the youth now can't even have a decent childhood experience. We have to constantly live in fear while questioning everything and keeping our side eye on point at all times.🀦🏽‍♀️

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NO MEANS NO!!! and there are just a lot of males who doesn't understand no. Which is a huge problem so maybe this will clear things up.❀🌹

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Have you ever been in a relationship where it only did nothing but take away from you? Meaning it took away your energy, your spark, your time, the little love you felt in your heart? Did you feel like it was a consistent pattern of misery, pain, heartache, stress? What you have isn't love. You have a pattern. And it isn't a good one.

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The Good Isn't Appreciated...

Good people aren't appreciated. Good hearts aren't valued.And really a lot of people have had enough. People are tired of getting hurt. That's why most people have trust issues now and wants to be viewed as "heartless"(πŸ’”)Because they feel like having feelings or showing that you have a heart will either only lead you to getting hurt or screwed over.

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In Living Poetry

Raw, Authentic, Honest, Intense, No-Filter, that's what you will get when taking a read of the poetry inside here.

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Are we our own burden?

Sometimes the only enemy that we have is ourselves and what goes on inside of us..

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Your mind is your real monster

Do you struggle with your thoughts? One minute you're okay and then the next minute you're breaking down into tears? One minute you want to be around others then the next minute your mind is telling you "You should be alone, because no one wants you around."? One minute you're smiling, then the next minute you just can't shake your frown? Maybe it's not the people around you. Maybe your mind is your real monster.

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Bare Soul

My Bare Soul can be found at the pit of the glistening waterfalls where my words reside. My loud vulnerability. My truth that I do not hide. My voice although unheard, my words make it come alive. Although it trembles, my hand or pen in it never shakes, it only thrives. Come take a look inside... Maybe you'll find yourself in one of my poems. Or maybe you'll see a soul that unapologetically confides. (Poetry book)

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Finding My Voice: Quieting My Mind

I've always struggled to find my voice in this world. I've always struggled to find the strength my voice has. There are a lot of words that I don't say. Sometimes it's better to put it into writing. That way I wouldn't be labeled as defensive or argumentative. I would just be viewed as a young woman trying to figure out her voice in this world and its power.

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Wounded Little Children

People say, "time heals all wounds" But I don't think that's completely true. There are people who walks the earth severely wounded every day from things that has happened years ago. Sometimes even decades ago. People get older, but does that mean the pain would hurt less? Aging isn't a complete cure for healing. There are still so many wounded little children walking the earth. And you know what we call them? "Adults."

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Sip Of Love

Charles is a 30-year-old man, who is a single father to his daughter Mona, he works as a bartender at a bar called "Tipsy's" to provide for him and his child. Charles is very passionate about helping others professionally as it is his dream to someday start his own counseling business "Sip & Release". He just doesn't have the courage to push himself. Then there's Savannah. She's 32 years old, a fashion boutique worker, and she constantly has relationship issues. Savannah has a fashion dream she's afraid of pursuing due to struggling with knowing herself & what she's capable of. Charles helps her by listening to her problems while providing her advice. He tries to give her the push she needs to get out of pointless relationships, to start focusing more on herself. And she helps Charles by giving him the push that he needs to go after his dream. Could Charles & Savannah successfully be the push that they each need to become the best version of themselves? Or would their obstacles prevent them from growing together? Or growing at all? Will they grow together or will they grow apart?

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It's Nothing..

This is just something I wrote based on domestic violence this is not about me❀I just wanted to speak about this topic.

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The End

Most of the time we know when it's time to turn the page, it's just so damn hard to walk away.It's so hard to be isolated and feel the pain.We want nothing but the feeling to go away.We can't get a new beginning without turning the page. Sometimes it's more than good enough to walk away.

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Better off without me

This is my own spin of Zendaya and Labrinth's song "I'm Tired" this is for people who struggle with their relationship with God (prayer life) and their mental health. I turned their song into a poem and made it my own.

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Poetic To Me🌹

Just paying homage to Maya Angelou and the classic movie Poetic Justice. Capturing a love story unfolding right before lovers eyes. 🌹

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Dream Of🌷

Ever heard of the hit show "A different world "? Ever wanted a love like the well-known characters Dwayne and Whitley? Ever felt so in love with their love, that their love was a love you dreamed of? I know all about that feeling.

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Finally understanding that any woman can become Zora Greenleaf has shaped my perspective on women in abusive relationships. Finally understanding that every woman will have to choose between which version of Zora they are going to be in abusive relationships or abusive circumstances. Anyone can become Zora. One thing women need to keep in mind is that just because you are not a Zora now, doesn't mean there is no possibility of you becoming Zora. (If you're a Greenleaf fan then this is for you as well; you'll love this a lot🌷🌹)

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