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Category: Non-Fiction
Dewan M.I. Mukto wrote this book to help people aggressively "rip and tear" down their fears and confusions about IELTS and to help others reach their destinations and to mend IELTS candidates' confidence.
Dewan Mukto himself had scored an overall band of 8.5 on his IELTS exam on December 2019. This fueled his appetite to kickstart a non-profit website that provides free resources for everyone's benefit.

A student read this book's manuscript version and victoriously achieved an overall score of 8.0 on February 2021. You can, too!

πŸ† Book rankings as of 8th September 2023 :

#1 in "IELTS" (out of 1,200+)
#154 in "Non-Fiction" (out of 46,900+)
#20 in "Exam" (out of 5,300+)
#72 in "Advice" (out of 13,600+)
#93 in "Guide" (out of 12,800+)
#67 in "Test" (out of 9,100+)
#92 in "Study" (out of 10,100+)
#49 in "Practice" (out of 4,600+)
#14 in "StudyAbroad" (out of 600+)

Thank you for bringing success home for this free book! ⭐

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Title: 种田撸喡养崽崽Author: Wang Laoba (ηŽ‹θ€ε…«)Status: CompletedDescription:Fang Ru was born again and found himself as a snail that just broke its shell, surrounded by a group of brothers.After dividing up the territory with his brothers, Fang Ru found that he had in his territory was always not enough, so he had no choice but to start growing vegetables and pumpkins! After that, there was a snail patrolling around in the big jungle.The wandering snail have become a hot topic among local aborigines.They heard that there was a snail riding a dandelion, he said it was a means of transportation!That snail swam into the water to catch fish!That snail hunted a rabbit!Fang Ru hugged the black cat in his arms, looking at the field where he had planted a large field of vegetables and fruits, he felt a burst of emotion: This is my territory!Meanwhile...Black Abyss Beast/ Cat: Here, here, these are all my territories and the snails in my territory are also mine!_________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:βœ“ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)βœ“ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)βœ“ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Readβœ“ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.βœ“ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translator, and link(s).
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ΰ·€ΰ·’ΰΆ―ΰ·™ΰ·€ΰ·Š ( NONFIC SINHALA BL ongoing )

ࢯ࢚࢟ාࢻ ΰΆΊΰ·žΰ·€ΰΆ±ΰΆΊΰ·š ࢴාࢧ ΰ·„ΰΆ­ΰ·š ΰΆ΄ΰ·™ΰΆΈ...
My Story: Transgender FTM

This my story about being trans and what I deal with as a high school student. (junior!)Best Non-fiction ranking: 2nd

2 sentences. 10 words. 1 story.
Chasing Neverland: A Retelling | βœ”οΈ

*This story is an unedited first draft.Fifteen-year-old Wendy Darling is trying hard to stay positive. But when another tragic event causes her more turmoil, she begins to isolate herself from everything she once knew.Lonely and depressed, Wendy seeks solace in a dream world that offers her the excitement and freedom she craves. She meets a handsome boy who introduces her to adventures she is unable to experience during her waking hours. When morning returns, Wendy discovers it is difficult to shake how vivid the dream was and how alive it had made her feel. Soon, she finds herself dreaming about the mysterious boy every night. But when her fantasies become frighteningly real, Wendy begins to question her beliefs...and her sanity.Notice: This document is not authorized for upload or use with artificial intelligence systems or platforms. Any attempt to upload, analyze, or process this content using AI technology is strictly prohibited.
Oops!!!!! I slapped...........Mr. Billionaire???

Seeing the amused look on his face , I wanted to swipe the smirk from his face by pulling his lips out and rearranging his face. It was an emergency. Someone's life was at stake here. Why couldn't he understand that? He is no GOD. He had no right blocking our way like this. Slowly I tried to make him understand that,"Look I know its a special moment for you but we really have to pass. Someone's life is at stake here" Looking up, I saw he had started walking away without listening to me. That arrogant orangutan!!!!!!! Unable to control my anger and impatience, I swiftly walked towards him and stopped him by his arms. Turning him around, I did something which would change my life for everything. I slapped him. What happens when a 22 year old Siona Crystalline crosses path with Aiden Salvatore? What can happen when she slaps the person she meets? Nothing much right? Only that this Aiden Salvatore is none other than a multibillionaire, a cold, shrewd and calculating person with a new fling every day and who influences at least three fourths of the business world. This is the her story. Lets join her in her journey of life changing experiences.

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Come Back (a Zerrie fanfiction)

Perrie and Zayn fight for the first time in years and it's left the both of them emotionally unstable, especially in Zayn's case. Perrie tries to pay no mind to it, focusing more on the DNA tour and all. She keeps a mask of bravery everyday, and she refuses to take a day-off just because of that scandal between her boyfriend and some female. Meanwhile, Zayn is left very heartbroken so it's up to his fellow bandmates to help him apologize to Perrie in a not so 'shitty' and 'crappy' way, unlike the man's first attempt. But what if even his bandmates have their own problems, too? And what if Zayn's accused in another affair? Why is life so hard even if he's had everything before him already? All Zayn wanted was for Perrie to come back and for them to be the couple that used to have no care in the world but loved each other to pieces. Will the roller-coaster that is love between him and his girlfriend collapse and be a no-no anymore or will there be a way through all of this? *Note: This fanfic was written by me when I was 12. I apologize for any facts or words mentioned in this fanfic that has triggered/offended any of you. Please understand that I do not mean to do that.*

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My Story: Transgender FTM

This my story about being trans and what I deal with as a high school student. (junior!)Best Non-fiction ranking: 2nd

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π’žπ’Άπ“π“ π‘€π“Ž 𝒩𝒢𝓂𝑒 | π˜•π˜°π˜£π˜’π˜”π˜’π˜¬π˜ͺHumans created it with their longing. Their desire to be happy and to find love manifested the soulmate system. It brings people together, call it fate, divine intervention, or something else. It's never wrong, one way or another, your other half will find you. It's your choice whether you want this or not.Nobara questions the system her entire life, in the back of her mind she must know. When she searches her skin on her 16th birthday, she sees a name. Something clicks into place in her brain and heart. She thinks she should be more surprised her soulmate is a girl, but she's not.π’π­πšπ«π­πžπ: February 2nd, 2022π„π§ππžπ:πƒπ’π¬πœπ₯𝐚𝐒𝐦𝐞𝐫: This is a fanfic. None of the Jujutsu Kaisen characters belong to me. Only the story is mine. ᡀʰⁱ˒ ʷᡒʳᡏ ⁱ˒ ᡃˑ˒ᡒ αΆœΚ³α΅’Λ’Λ’ α΄Ύα΅’Λ’α΅—α΅‰α΅ˆ ᡒⁿ ᴬᡒ³ α΅˜βΏα΅ˆα΅‰Κ³ ᡗʰᡉ α΅˜Λ’α΅‰Κ³βΏα΅ƒα΅α΅‰ [πšπšŽπšœπš™πšŽπšŒπšπšŠπš‹πš•πšŽπ™Έπš—πšœπš˜πš–πš—πš’πšŠπšŒ].β–Œβ”‚β–ˆβ•‘β–Œβ•‘β–Œβ•‘

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