Joker in the Pack (Romantic Suspense, Completed, Watty Winner)

Joker in the Pack (Romantic Suspense, Completed, Watty Winner)

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Life has dealt city girl Olivia Porter a series of bad hands, but just as she's about to fold, fate intervenes and leaves her with a full house. Out of other options, she takes a gamble and moves to the countryside, hoping Lady Luck will follow along.

Olivia's decision to embrace the single life is soon challenged by the arrival of local ace, Tate, and wild card, Warren, but little villages can hide big secrets and somebody thinks Olivia is holding the key to theirs.

As her opponent ups his game, Olivia gets one last roll of the dice with the arrival of a leather-clad stranger. Will she hit the jackpot or go bust?

Joker in the Pack is a standalone romantic suspense novel from the Blackwood UK series - no cliffhanger!

FEATURED by Wattpad.
Highest ranking: Mystery/Thriller #2

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