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She went to another country to build her career. But she doesn't know about her encounter with the superstar.

He is a superstar, a sensational singer.
He fell for a beautiful pair of eyes.

Will they meet again?

Will they both ever be friends?

Will love blossom between them?

Let's find out !

*Fanfiction* *bts*

Started: 05/March/2023
Ended: 13/October/2023

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*sneak peak* I can't help it, he is so hot. This story will have a lot of smut.
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I don't know about this so.... This is my first one please no hate. I don't own any of the chraraters from MHA
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----"𝚆𝙴 𝚆𝙴𝚁𝙴 𝙱𝙾𝚁𝙽 𝙵𝙾𝚁 𝚃𝙷𝙸𝚂."----⚜️Meet Xavier Mikaelson he's the original heretic and happens to be the twin brother of the big bad hybrid himself Niklaus 'Klaus' Mikaelson.⚜️⚜️You would never be able to tell that Xavier was a Mikaelson much less Klaus's twin brother because of how different he is from his siblings. For starters Xavier wasn't treated horribly by Mikael like Klaus and like his other siblings were at times. You can guess that truly made some of his siblings despise him.⚜️⚜️Xavier is kind, caring, respectful, honest, trustworthy and smart with an IQ of 184 and not to mention extremely handsome.⚜️⚜️Xavier is hated and despised by all his siblings except for Kol and Freya and Everest (Rebekah's twin) who he met through her wife Keelin who actually happens to be a close friend of Xavier's. Now the other Mikaelsons siblings mistreated their brother and because of that Xavier left them but the insecurities his so called siblings gave him have stuck with him even today.⚜️⚜️Xavier found comfort in the Mystic Falls gang which he actually bonded very well with and grew super close to when his family had first arrived in Mystic Falls but the Scooby gang weren't his only friends. Much like Rebekah, Xavier also went to school and had a bit of a mundane/mortal life but instead he went to Beacon Hills where he met the love of his life Asakhe Bennett who happens to be the younger adoptive twin sister of Bonnie Bennett herself who the Mikaelson's never knew about as she was in Beacon Hills. Asakhe also happens to have an IQ of 182 and there smarts is something both Xavier and Asakhe quickly bonded over.⚜️⚜️What happens when the Mikaelsons come back to enrol Hope and the twin children of Freya and Keelin Henrik and Sarah to the Salvatore school? How will the other Mikaelsons react to their brother being married and having children?⚜️
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***Accepting Requests***These are the covers I make for other wattpaders I'm an average cover maker so don't expect amazing covers. If you are too lazy to make a cover for your stories just send me a message. Please don't use the covers if they were not made for you, thank you.

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Forever? (Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik)

Vague images start to appear in my mind. The first I see is of a little blond girl. Bright pastel eyes and porcelin skin. She sits in an empty house playing with a used drug bag. She inhales some of the substance. ......She'll never smell again. The second is of a the same little girl, but now she's a pre-teen. She's having her first kiss with a boy back behind her house, her brother catches her and almost drowns her in the pool. .....She'll never swim again.The third is of the same girl, now in her late teenage years. She comes home late from work. Her brother beats her senseless, the her father rapes her. .....She can never have children her until she pisses herself gasping and begging for mercy.

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Screw descriptions+ this book is old and bad~ don't read.

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Where instead of just Asgard trying Loki, The rest of the nine realms get a say as well.

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Lucy heartfielia the celestial wizard has finally collected all 12 zodiac keys but team natsu had kicked her out one week before she found the final key. Lucy now a solo wizard is now able to use the final orgin of her power with her new found strengths and a love problem.

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