Bad Boy Brothers, little sister

Bad Boy Brothers, little sister

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Maya is a 17 year old rebellious teen, that always seems to be getting into trouble. She has just been sent off to live with her older brothers so her parents can travel the world. What her parents didn't know is they have a new roommate staying with them too.

Join Maya, her brothers Jace and Seb and sex-god hunky roommate Noah on this new adventure.

Cliche bad-boy meets girl story with 2 very over-protective brothers. Find out what happens when they find out their innocent sister is not so innocent after all!

BBB,LS reached 1 MILLION reads in August 2023. Thank you!

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๐“๐€๐„๐†๐†๐”๐Š. in which jeongguk was instructed to break taehyung's heart.

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