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⚠️TW sh, ed, Su!cide ⚠️ don't read this if you are sensitive to it.

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yandere slashers x F!reader, Asylum

The infamous killers get transferred to a dangerous asylum where only people that are very dangerous for humanity was locked up there, and unfortunately you are also there, in fact, you have been there for 10 years.Warning! (I don't support this behavior) (Your opinion and comfy matters to me so if you happened to read something that makes you feel uncomfortable then please stop reading because I'm here to entertain you not scary you and if you happen to find something offensive then leave me a comment about it and I will gladly change it and if there is something you quite don't understand then please comment to me about it and I will gladly explain it to you.) (This story involves +18 things like k|lling and to®ture but there's is a possibility that there will be no s€xual things, romance will not be it main topic but rather it will be a horror story but that doesn't mean that it will not have some dark romance in it,it also has very dark humor in it, and bad words)
Only My Heart Knows

Within this anthology lies a tapestry of verses penned by Jcena Mortiff, each intricately woven around diverse manifestations of love. These words ache to break the shackles of confinement, the very letters thirst for emancipation, all plucked from the profound recesses of the author's soul and intellect. Here they stand, harmoniously gathered, bound together to evade the disruptions of the letters yearning to emerge. Embark on a journey through this assemblage and immerse yourself in the myriad dimensions of love, skillfully crafted by the artistry of Jcena Mortiff.

A mysterious biker moves in next to a woman and her two kids. She's cautious about him at first, but comes to find out he had a gentle loving soul. They become close and eventually fall for each other, but what she had yet to find out was that this man had a dark, bloody past. And it was now coming back to get him, and everything he loves.
Chenford shots🤭

Stories about Chenford what happened in the episodes with a little turn.
The Ultimate Demon Slayer Vol.1

this is the story of Ben Tennyson enters the world of demon slayerI do not own Ben 10 or Demon Slayer they belong to their respective ownersInspired by Ultimate ten's fanfic Ultimate FairyAlso the art work for the book cover is not mine it belongs to it's respective owner
I Hate You Too

When enemies Dallas Cooper and Amara Singh stage a fake relationship to get revenge on their exes, the last thing they're prepared for is their feud-ridden hatred turning into love. Season 1 of I Hate You Too***PRIDE READING EVENT: From June 10-23, you'll be entered to win Coins for every chapter you read from I Hate You Too! See details in the Pride Reading Event chapter.***Dallas Cooper hates Amara Singh. After their infamous feud over volleyball captain, she'd do anything to avoid her arch-nemesis. So when she's dumped by her first love, only to learn that her ex has moved on with none other than Amara's on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend, things feel like they can't get any worse. Except now Amara and Dallas have something in common. And with little risk and a lot to gain, they agree to a foolproof plan: pretend to be a couple to get revenge. As the unlikely duo spend time together, shocking the whole school with their picture-perfect romance, the line between ruse and real starts to blur. What happens when falling for each other is no longer part of an act? Will Dallas and Amara give in to their undeniable chemistry, or will their hatred-filled past and suspicious exes manage to tear them apart?***Weekly updates on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wait & read for free, or unlock with coins-the choice is yours!

Just a book where I'll share my art ^^Follow me on Insta where I'm more active! :DNO REPOSTLIKES AND COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!
Future Stories, Ideas and Suggestions for anyone to try out if they want part 3

More ideas for anyone to try out, like my previous 2 books.

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His Tinky Winky

After being cheated on by Dippsy, you seek solace in a drink, until your life is upended by the sexiest man in the world - Tinky Winky. Will you survive the mafia and help your emotionally broken teletubby, or will you die trying?Thighmilf makes a comeback with this exceptionally astonishing, bodice-ripper of an erotic novel. REVIEWS:"This is the most brilliant piece of media I have ever digested, I want that Tinky Winky now." - My Cover-Making Friend"I literally need new underpants after reading this" - My German Friend"Sexy, like me" - My Boyfriend (yes I have one)"I have a new kink now" - A Drama Class Friend

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Eldritch, Green, and Freckled

When his mother died in an accident and the only people he considered family couldn't afford to take him in, 8 year old Izuku Midoriya ends up being in the right place at the right time and gets taken in as a ward of UA. Now 15, Izuku joins UA as part of the Support Course and quickly gains reputation as the School Cryptid.

14.8K 12 656
I became Muzan Kibutsuji

➼ "𝙄 𝙙𝙞𝙚𝙙, 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙣𝙚𝙙" ━━━━━━➼ What if a soul went inside of Muzan's body? ➼ "𝐇𝐀𝐇𝐀𝐇𝐀𝐇𝐀 𝐈 𝐁𝐄𝐂𝐀𝐌𝐄 𝐇𝐄𝐄 𝐇𝐄𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐍" ━━━━━━Achievements acquired; | #1 - KNY | #1 - Yoriichi | #1 - Funnystuff| #1 - Tanjiro | #1 - Demon slayer | #1 - Male protagonist| #1 - Muzan Kibutsuji | #1 - Nezuko | #1 - Yoriichi | #1 - Demon | #1 - Kimetsunoyaiba | #1 - Slice of life

832K 41 34.1K
Tsugoku {A Tanjiro x Fem! Reader}

Y/N, a girl who is half-traumatized, but still is quite the same as her younger self before her parents', and sister's, death, meets Tanjiro, a kind and empathetic boy with a younger demon sister.They meet in Final Selection, getting to know each other a bit before setting off their own ways. Actually, they were childhood friends.Y/N isn't a normal demon slayer, she's a tsugoku, along with Kanao Tsuyuri. Tsugoku of which hashira, you ask? Well, all of them.❀ 🗡 ❀Pretty much my first xreader so if it's bad, don't blame me .°(ಗдಗ。)°.Edit : just to let you know, this is a female reader

952 10 60
his salvation ✦ sanemi shinazugawa

"You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?" - Nikita Gillshe was his salvation, and his anchor. she kept him grounded, he felt safe with her. he wanted to keep her in his life.⊰ demon slayer fanfiction ⊱⊰ sanemi shinazugawa x fem! oc ⊱⊰ additional ships: giyuu tomioka x fem! oc, kyojuro rengoku x fem! oc, inosuke hashibara x fem! oc ⊱

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Her Royal Highness, Leonor

Disclaimer from the author: This fictitious story doesn't foretell any real-life interaction with the HRH Princess of Asturias. This is solely written to express the admiration of the writer for the princess.An exchange literature and language student from the Philippines, Phillipa was given a huge task in her first month in Spain to help the Princess of Asturias, Leonor, to perfect her speeches for her royal engagements. It all seemed to be a fulfilling task they both found joy in sharing and learning in the improvement of the future queen's social impression, but events turn a different way when the two started developing unfamiliar feelings for each other. A forbidden love between a commoner and a royal. Will they end up living happily ever after together or apart?

37.8K 25 1.2K Full
Am in love with my cousin's best friend

This is about a boy named Jason Scott and he has just moved to the same twon has his cousins and his uncle and Aunite and has parents have to they are living next to them and he is move in the town way but what happens when he mets his cousin best friend named Kataleen Evans who is 18 years old and is still at school in her last year and she has not had an easy life her brother and father went when she was 13 and she has a new step dad and a sister age 6 and she loves her life. What will happen will the get together? Will they tell anyone or keep to to them self?

53 2 2

╰┈➤ ❝ In which a quirkless girl dreaming of becoming a hero interns as recovery girl's assistant. Little does she know fate has something different in store for her. ❞- Cover art was drawn by me please do not repost- If you do not enjoy the character's personality please kindly click off.- This is copyrighted, please do not copy this book or post on another platform (the book will only be on wattpad).- Will have Gore and Sensitive topics- I do not own any characters from BNHA or KNY besides my own characters

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Mia, Mine #sytycw15 #RomanticSuspense Book 1

**PREVIOUSLY TITLED MINIERA** THIS BOOK IS BEING EDITED HERE AND THERE. THIS WAS COMPLETED AROUND 3 YEARS AGO. Xo**THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IN A STAND-ALONE SERIES. YOU CAN READ ALL THESE BOOKS ALONE, BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED TO READ IN ORDER TO GET THE MOST ENJOYMENT FROM THE SERIES** Natalie Brown's life has been far from ideal or perfect. For as long as she could remember, life has revolved completely around taking care of her alcoholic and drug addicted mother. Just as Natalie finally decides to let loose and go to Italy with her best friend-her mother makes a deal with someone very dangerous. Giovanni Amaro. He is hard. Cold. Ruthless...but, also he is plagued with a past that haunts him with every breath. Now, in the present, a mafia boss that needs a wife and an heir. He got Natalie and she was not what he expected in the least and as he begins to care for her, he begins to worry. He has enemies...bad ones and they will use Natalie to get to him. But, then again, some enemies are closer to home than you think. Natalie's mother made a deal...and now Natalie will pay the price. *****************"I am not just someone to be bought and sold off!" Natalie shouted with outrage. Giovanni chuckled darkly and took a step forward so their bodies were intimately touching. He wrapped a hand around her throat, softly, possessively. "Ever since I first laid eyes on you, you've been mine. You hear that, mi amour? Mia..." Mine' ...

2.1M 39 68.6K Full
Premium Truck Repair - How to Choose the Right ELD For Your Trucking Business?

In case you're similar to most drivers, ELD is one of the shipping business' 3-letter words that makes you need to absolute a line of 4-letter words. Particularly since you're figuring out the several electronic logging devices available.

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