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Taehyung, the only son of wealthy parents, grapples with a disorder . Enter Jungkook, a renowned psychiatrist who finds himself falling in love with Taehyung. Determined to help him, Jungkook embarks on a journey to heal Taehyung's fractured mind and heart. Along the way, they confront Taehyung's traumatic past, unraveling the mysteries that have shaped him.

Happy reading๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ’•


It was written years ago in another platform.It was my first Taekook fanfiction.

Don't read if you don't like Taekook, LGBTQ or BTS... I don't want to see any negative comments about BTS or I kindly ask you to respect eachother .

Read the disclaimer โ—โ—

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I was stabbed by a knife on my way home. I'm just helping a grandma but got killed in the process.Waking up, I became Akira Shein Argyros. One of the capture target in a Bl Otome Game I recently played. I hate all the characters guts in the game. All are possessive and obssessed. It's a dark theme bl game. Everyone are overwhelmingly crazy. Especially, this Akira. That's why, now that I possess his body I knew for sure am the only one normal in this world. Let's not get into the drama. Let's escape this hell place full of dark drama and try to find a place where actually normal people lives. Or so I thought?"Don't think you can escape from us""Baby, your existence are ours only.""You dare to ignore and leave us? You're wishing for everyone's death""Ignore or leave us again, I promise I'll burn every places your feet set into""I'm sorry. But I have to agree with them... You should have think it twice, when you make us fall in love with you and then disappear from everyone's sight... the consequences... You... are our possession ""......."Honestly, wat da fak is going on?? That love lines are not supposed to be said to me?? Hello???Go, tell that to the heroine! You assholes!!
Kidnapped By My Mate (Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson)

Belle has not had the best life. Most of it she spent taking care of her sick father while her mother ran off to sleep with other men. So you can imagine her frustration when, only a few months after the death of her father, her mother forces her to come spend the holidays with her and her new family. But what happens when she meets a certain alpha on the plane who claims that she belongs to him?----"Mine. Mate," he said, his deep, husky voice ringing in my ears. His hands tightened around me as his forehead came down to meet mine and he breathed in deeply. I let my eyes close as I basked in the feeling of his arms around me and the delicious sparks that were running through my body. I didn't even know that it was possible to feel this good. I felt his head move from mine as he nuzzled his nose into my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access and he let out an approving grunt.And then I felt him place a gentle kiss right where my neck and shoulder met. My knees went weak, my entire body going numb as a breathy sound came from my mouth. He smiled against my neck, chuckling and taking all of my weight into his arms as I leaned completely into him to stop myself from falling."Hello, mate," he whispered in my ear.------This book is also known as Kidnapped By My Mate.
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