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My school of indifference opened and never closed; I remained its only student.BORN IN BABYLON is a collection of short essays, fragments, prose, creative nonfiction, and other miscellany regarding Blackness, womanhood, memory, identity, and America.Highest Ranking:#1 in essays© z. t. corley, 2024
A chance to us [Complete]

Ruhaan oberoi and sitara Khanna tied a knot of marriage six months back. A power couple for the outside world. But inside the four wall they are just Stangers. Who only knows eachother's name.Ruhaan oberoi is CEO of oberio industries. He is known as cold, ruthless and angry businessman but the truth only revolves around his family. There was a time when he used to make everyone laugh with his silly jokes. He used to smile at everyone. But one incident changed cheerful Ruhaan to cold Ruhaan oberio. The incident which removed ruhaan's smile from his life.He lost his love. And the main thing there is no way to comeback of her. He wanted to spend his life with her memories but it changed when his father emotionally forced him to marry a girl of his father's choice.Sitara Khanna is just like her name. She is star of her father's eye. She lost her mother in car accident when she was 13. Her father is her everything since then. A father, a mother ,a friend. She trusts her father blindly. And just like this she said yes to marry Ruhaan oberio when her father asked her. She trusts her father. But she never knew that Ruhaan isn't interested in marrying until thier marriage day.They were living their life without interfering eachother's life. But what will happen when she fell first, will he fall harder? Or she have to go through his ignorance for rest of her lifeGlimpse:["And yes" he tilted his head towards the girl " she is really a gold digger" ruhaan said and made sad face Both the ladies looked at him confusingly "Dil churaya hai inhone hamara" (She stole my heart) ruhaan said looking at sitara ]Ps: English isn't my first language so please ignore any grammar mistakes. With love _ Aarohi
•°{ helpful robot }°•

soo this is the story of smg4 feeling sick so tari offered him a "helpful" robot , smg4 at first feels a little creep out about the robot but at last he feels crazy about him..
Tayvis one-shots

Hi! Here's just some Tayvis one-shots for you. Please enjoy and vote! I also take requests! *Try's to update daily
Little Women (1880)

"Little Women" follows the lives of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March – and is loosely based on the author's childhood experiences with her three sisters.

When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-shirt and gym shorts, you can imagine the pure panic setting in her. The subtle addition of Clayton entering the room shirtless doesn't help much either. After three years of fawning over him, leave it up to her sleepwalking to finally get Clayton Hugh to notice her.
His Little Sunshine || (Names Under Editing)

It's the 2nd season of " My Heaven's Flower " The most thrilling love triangle story in which Mohammad Abdullah ( Jeon Junghoon's ) daughter Mishel will fall for the heart-throb boy of the university Kim Taeyun who loves to make women go crazy for him but doesn't even look at them...And Lee Jee-min who is the son of Mishel's father's best friend and he gave her the nick name of " Sunshine " the day she was born will meet her after 22 years and will see her for the first time at a car racing venue and he will fell in love with her at the first sight...what will happen to this love triangle? read to know about their fate...The names of my book characters have nothing to do with real life personalities... Their character and the story is purely fictional and the author's imagination so don't associate things with real life persons.
මේඝාම්බර | ᴏɴɢᴏɪɴɢ

" ඔව් ඉතින් තොට මං මොකක් හරි කිව්වම තමයි දහසක් හේතු මතක් වෙන්නෙ..!! "" දැන් මොකක්ද කියන්නෙ !? "" අන්න දැක්කනෙ..! මේ ටිකකට කලින් කිව්ව දේ දැන් මතක නෑ.. හැබැයි අර හුකන ගෑනි කිව්වනම් පොතක් තියන් හරි තෝ ලියාගනියි..! ගොන් බල්ලා..!!! "" සරූ මේහ්..!! දැන් ඇති ඕක..! "" ඇයි මොකද !? හිත රිදෙනවද අරකිට ඒව මේව කියද්දි..!!? "" සරූ මං දැන් එකසැරයක් කිව්වා..!! "" මොකද මොකද..!!? උබ ගහන්නද ආ.. ගහපන් බලන්න තෝ..! අඩු ගලවනවා මං..!!"ඇගිල්ලකුත් දික් කරන් ඌට බැනලා මං එන්න හැරිල එනකොට මගෙ පිට මැදට ශොට් එකක් වැදිලා මං ඉස්සරහට විසිවුණා.. හරි එහෙනම් තෝ මට ගැහුවනෙ..!? හෙනම ගහපන් පර ගොම්බිලියට..!!!! වැස්ස දවසකට තෝ ගිහින් කුණු ඇළේම වැටෙන්න ඕනි..!!!!!!!

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["Nagisa-jika dia tidak diselamatkan olehmu, dia tidak akan lagi di manapun untuk selamanya."] Sebuah pelajaran berharga di bawah sakura di langit sore berwarna jingga. (NagiKaeIto) #SA16

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Director/Principal Fury collects superpowered kids in order to train them into becoming this generation's Avengers. Watch as the drama unfolds at the S.H.I.E.L.D School for the Enhanced!I do not own any characters. Characters belong to their respective owners.

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Un viaggio nel Natale passato, presente e futuro per risolvere il malessere di questa festa

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Disabilities aren't weakness ~ Pokemon fanstory

When young 12 year old Katherine's beloved pet Eevee evolves, it is soon discovered that the young psychic type is actually unable to use her psychic talents. Feeling sorry for her beloved pet, Katherine felts tooth and nail to protect her from her parents who consider her worthless now. She wishes to prove to the world that just because a Pokemon may have a disability, doesn't mean they are worthless.

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Priya, a girl who lost her mother at a young age. Now her family's responsibility lies on her shoulders. She takes care of her younger sister while protecting her from her abusive father who has a gambling addiction. She works day and night for her family. One night, she is kidnapped to marry the King of Rajasthan without consent. What happens when the tensions rise and her heart starts skipping beats? Read to find out how this forced marriage ends up. Is it Love or Doom?

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best friend // branet

ew more rocky horror but this time with the kids who cheated on each otherin which janet marries rocky and brad is too much of a pussy to propose to frank, so janet gives him advice

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When Midnight Falls #onceuponnow

This is the story of a girl named Violet Vermillion and a famous pop star named Luke Lamia known by almost everyone in the world. It's almost the end of the school year and excitement has risen, not only because theres a few more months left of school but because Luke the now famous pop star that left school in the ninth grade to make it big and son of the owner of the number one best record company, has returned to finish his last few months of high school. Add in prom,the mystery girl, the evil step sisters,and you get a Cinderella tale, when midnight falls the mystery girl and the popstar.#onceuponnow#justwriteitPlease vote on the first chapter

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Ты был для меня почти как бог, как кумир, как идеальный пример для подражания. Тот, кто любит музыку, и кого музыка любит в ответ. И я мечтал стать той мелодией, которая навеки пленит тебя, ведь я сам уже стал твоим пленником.

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Behind My Mask ~ONHOLD~(English)

~What if you fall in love with the one who looks through your mask? Could he save you from your dark past? ~Angel is an 15 years old girl with a dark past. She was only 5 years old when she ran away from home. Now she is the number one spy of the maffia. But what if your past returns when you fall in love, with someone who looks through the mask? Could he save you from your dark past?You'll read it in behind my mask.

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