His Sugar |√|

His Sugar |√|

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Category: Teen Fiction
A romcom story about a girl and her brother's best friend who always annoyed her but suddenly started acting all possessive over her.


"Don't you think Charlie likes you?" Scott asked angrily. His jaw clenched.

"And why do you think he likes me?" I asked and raised my eyebrow.

"Because he keeps trying to come near you." He said with a serious look on his face.

"Are you crazy?" I asked.

"Don't let him or anyone come near you." He said angrily.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because-" He said and smashed his lips against mine. I was still for a second but I wrapped my arms instantly around his neck and pulled him closer.


I was 13 when I wrote this book so spare me for the mistakes. This is my first book. Please give it a chance.
Do not copy. 🚫 Plagiarism is a crime.


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