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His Property

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Category: Romance
[BXB] "Promise me you'll stay strong, for me, for us"

Smiling at the older boy below him Blake rested his forehead upon Alec's.

"I promise"

Hearing these words Alec smiled once more. That promise was all he needed to keep going. For them, for Blake.


Blake was a nerd, shy, Introverted. Doesn't have many friends other than the school librarian, parents and the local café owner. He's never been one to interact with his fellow classmates. Always been put down upon, bullied by the schools football team. Starting his Sophomore year in high school all Blake could do was hope for the best, be able to merely pass this year in a flash.

However a certain jock had other plans. Alec was new to school, becoming popular quite quickly. His angelic looks, body like every girls dream. He soon became the captain of the basketball team. His cold demeanor, bitter attitude girls drooled over him even more. All he hoped was to find a girl to make his, spoil. Except fate chose to completely switch his life upside down.

Practicing for his next game Alec didn't expect to stumble upon a certain boy. His heart doing something it's never done before, skip a beat. Following his gut Alec knew what he wanted and when he wants something he gets it.

However will Alec's family secret scare the only thing he's come to care for away in the world?!

Can these two push past the consequences to find freedom?!


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