Friendships And Other Disasters ✓

Friendships And Other Disasters ✓

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|Book One of Disaster Series|


❝Please stop doing this,❞ Ridge whispers, resting his forehead on my shoulder blade, his breath hitting my skin, chills coursing through my veins, seeping deep into my bones. The look in his eyes, the hunger and the want warms my heart.

❝Stop doing what?❞ I murmur, clutching his arms for support. My eyes close involuntarily, loving the feel of his body moulding with mine.

❝Stop making me feel things I shouldn't feel.❞


Meet Lydia Herrington, aka the new girl. She's not your basic - You want a fight? She'll give you war. Her notorious nature is what gets her into trouble all the time. She's definitely not the one to take your bullshit.

Meet Ridge, aka the Golden Boy of Hillcrest Academy. His family and his friends - two of his prized possessions. You mess with them, you mess with him. He can bring you on your knees with just one goddamn look.

What happens when circumstances, or what you can call fate tie Ridge and Lydia up in a small game? A game that can change their lives in a way they never thought of.

So guys, climb on the motorcycle, put on a helmet, wrap your arms tight, because this is going to be one hell of a disastrous ride.



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