First at Last

First at Last

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Category: Romance
Erika Lovet is used to being in the background, always in her sister's shadow. Since she was a child, her parents have always doted on Alice, have always wanted the best for her, while Erika, the other child, is always thought of second, but still expected to be like her sister. So, it's a surprise to everyone when the dashing Prince asks for Erika, and not her sister. Who knew that the only person to notice Erika first, just happens to be the one that every other girl in the land desires?

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Tender Love [BxB]

Miles Eaton. A boy who has been verbally abused his whole life. He has always been too hyper for his own good, and has absolutely no filter. His big puppy eyes didn't do much to help him. Calvin Reed. An Alpha who has been searching for his mate for 8 years. He goes to greet the new family in town, and meets his wild mate. Can this angry Alpha provide a hyper boy with tender love?
How To Write A Book

Do you want to write a book but you don't know how? Well, I will help you. I will give you tips on how to write a book.

Narrowly escaping an attack by wolves, Jaylin Maxwell is driven towards the alluring Quentin Bronx. Together, they unleash the beast inside Jaylin's heart. ***** Jaylin Maxwell has a strange relationship with wolves. They've saved his life before, but they're coming after him now. Attacked again, he only survives with the assistance of Quentin Bronx, a handsome man who brings his own wolf to the battle. Quentin is drawn to Jaylin, and despite their romantic tension, Quentin reveals a dangerous truth: there is a monster inside Jaylin, a monster that the wolves of the East are coming for. Under Quentin's guidance, Jaylin learns of his monstrous nature. Struggling to gain power over his body, and over his heart as he falls for the alpha protecting him, Jaylin prepares for the ultimate battle against the monsters coming for him-and the one inside himself.[[Winner of the 2018 Fiction Awards!]][[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]
සමමිතික සිත්තම් (ongoing)

ආදරේ කියන්නෙ හුත්තක්. එච්චරයි __සිතුම් ආකාෂ් ෆ්‍රනෑන්ඩෝ

Katherine Forsythe has had a difficult life. Being abused for almost her whole life by her mother and her stepfather. Katherine has never really experienced the concept of happiness, love or hope. The constant pain and hurt turned cold and aggressive to the world around her. She started illegally fighting at a young age to get money to buy clothes and have food.Once she finally is free from those people her life takes an unexpected turn as instead of going to a foster care system she is sent to live with her 5 brothers that she had no idea existed. As her brothers are ecstatic about her return she is dreading it, already expecting the worst.Will her brothers be able gain her trust? Will she find out the secrets they are keeping from her? Will she be able keep her owns demons within herself? FIND OUT IN "FINDING MY HAPPY"TW- contains topics about abuse, fighting, blood, drug consumption.PART-1 of The Mafia Daughters Series (A stand-alone novel)#1 in lost girl (29/1/2021)#1 in found (13/3/2021)#1 in abuse (8/3/2021)#2 in abandoned (18/3/2021)#1 in piano (2/4/2021)#1 in mafia brothers (31/8/2021)#1 in Foster (5/12/2021)#1 in fighting (23/12/2021)#2 in anxietyattacks (24/08/22)#3 in trust (20/12/22)#1 in wattpadcreators (12/02/23)
හිමි අහිමි 💙 Completed ✔

නුඹ නිසා දැවුණි.....💙නුඹෙන් මා නිවෙමි......💙
As Sukuna in The World Of Anime

Old NameAs Sukuna In MHAMany would think being reincarnated with a system and as one of the most powerful characters is amazing but it's not all fun and games. This is a story about a teen wishing for something he didn't specify. This is a story of being trapped in someone else's body.This is the story of the new Sukuna.I don't own any other animes in here only my oc and the system concept.
Love Thy Neighbor ✓

[BXB] Blake Collins moves in next door and Luca Mendoza's world turns upside down.☆☆☆When popular football player Blake Collins moves in next door, Luca Mendoza assumes it won't change a thing in their nonexistent relationship (regardless of the crush that he may or may not have). But then Blake's infuriating thirteen year old brother comes into the picture. He plays his music too loud, constantly kicks his soccer ball over the fence and is generally a pain in Luca's ass. When Luca decides he has no other choice but to confront this terror of a middle schooler, he fails to realize that Blake has heard him until it's too late. To his surprise (and relief), Blake finds it hilarious and Luca begins to wonder if maybe he has a better shot at this crush than he's been giving himself credit for.[ July. 2022. - September. 2022. ]#6 in quickread#13 in bisexual #27 in high school #36 in light hearted #38 in youth

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Как встреча в баре может поменять жизнь? Что случится, если охотник и первородная вампирша встретятся? А что если этот охотник не обычный Дин Винчестер, а Дин с меткой Каина? Кто победит в этой жестокой схватке?

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These are a few poems I wrote for lgbtq+ communities, do check out :)

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Adventure Time: Ghost Stories

Marceline befriends a new ghost, that's not so new. The ghost seems to be from awhile ago... back when there where humans. And now, she's done with being a ghost, and wants to come back to life. To do this, she must unlock her past, and remember what happened to her.

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The Meaning of Roses (Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse)

You probably know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but you may not know that the color, number, and how roses are combined have coded meanings.or;Alberu realizing and expressing his feelings for Cale through roses.[HIGHEST RANK]✨️ tcf #10 out of 706✨ alberu #15 out of 362✨ henituse #10 out of 72✨️ alcale #1 out of 22✨ loutofthecountsfamily #16 out of 518Thank you so much for everyone who (still) read and comment on this story a year later! 🥺😘💖

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SMK Unggulan Di Depok | SMK An Nur Depok

Sekolah SMK Favorit Di Depok, Nama Nama Sekolah SMK Di Depok, Sekolah SMK Negeri Di Depok, Nama Sekolah SMK Swasta Di Depok, Sekolah SMK Terfavorit Di DepokAda beberapa pertimbangan kriteria yang dapat digunakan sebagai acuan para orang tua dalam memilih SMK Swasta bagi putra putrinya, antara lain:1. Cek status akreditasi sekolah. SMK Swasta yang akan Anda pilih harus sudah terakreditasi A atau minimal Akreditasi B.2. Cek Ketersedian dan Kondisi Gedung Sekolah.3. Cek akses ke lokasi sekolah.4. Cek berapa biaya masuk dan biaya bulanan lainnya.SMK An Nur Depok sangat direkomendasikan sebagai SMK swasta pilihan terbaik di Depok.Letaknya berada persis di Jalan Masjid Al Barkah Pasir Putih Sawangan Kota Depok.Memiliki Program Unggulan yaitu:1. Jurusan Bisnis Daring dan Pemasaran (BDP) dan2. Jurusan Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak (RPL).Silahkan kunjungi website resmi SMK An Nur untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lengkap mengenai jadwal pendaftaran dan biayanya.SMK AN NUR DEPOKJalan Masjid Al Barkah Pasir Putih Sawangan Kota DepokHP1: 0857-7132-6378HP2: 0856-9462-0768Webiste: #namanamasekolahsmkdidepok #sekolahsmknegerididepok #namasekolahsmkswastadidepok #sekolahsmkterfavoritdidepok

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Die Welt ist so unfair

Die Welt ist wirklich unfair. Das muss aus Lisa feststellen. Sie merkt, wie schlecht es ihr geht und wie unfair die Welt ist, nachdem ihre beste und einzige Freundin umzieht.Die Schule ist anstrengend und auch in der Familie gibt es ihre Differenzen. Lisas Schwestern werden bevorzugt und auch bei ihren Freunden hat sie das Gefühl, dass sie nicht wirklich beachtet wird. Begleitet Lisa in ihrem anstrengenden Alltag und verfolgt ihre auch etwas traurige Geschichte.

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|| these city nights || [boy x boy]

"𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜..." Lukas Angeli wasn't one for poetic shit. Life wasn't rainbows and happiness, and no matter what, it would never even be close to that. People weren't worth trusting either. Everyone, in the end, only had selfish intentions, and they all weren't worth the time of day. Whoever invented fate and destiny and soulmates and shit was out of their goddamn mind, because life didn't work like that. Life wasn't fair; it liked playing cruel jokes on people instead. He wasn't pessimistic. Just realistic.Everett "Eli" Estrada loved poetry and art. The world was so large, full of so many secrets and possibilities, and he wanted to know as much about it as he could. And the best thing about it was meeting other people. Everyone had their own completely unique personality, ideas, values, and yet none of them were entirely good or evil. He spent a lot of time watching the stars, pondering his place in the world and what life had planned for him. After all, in the end, everyone always got what they deserved. Some called him an idealist, but he preferred the word "dreamer."They didn't really have much in common, save for the city nights they shared underneath the streetlights. Lukas said it was all another one of life's cruel jokes. Everett called it fate.

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The Heroic Spirit (Date A Live x Izuku Midoriya)

Izuku Midoriya is now a pro hero and became the next Symbol of Peace but he died on a fight with the new All for One who is known as Tomura Shigaraki. Their fight was hard-fought but in the end, both of them died...After that, Izuku begins to wake up as he open his eyes to see that he is on a grassy field... but something strange happen to him. His body became different as he realized that he became his younger self.Follow Izuku in his new adventure that awaits him. His adventures consists of... dating Spirits?What would Izuku do? He's not good at talking to women...

66.8K 11 1.2K