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"You either spill the name Jeon, or I blast yo funny fuckin' head this very moment," , the chunky suited police officer threatened the most feared mafia boss in the country with a gun pressed to his forehead.

Jeon Jeongguk only smirked in return.

"Seeing how desperate you are... with all the killings happening around the city and the president trying to crush you and your silly little team of amateur cops.. you cant~" , he sing songed, mockingly.

The fat officer sighed heavily, withdrawing his gun and pressing his temples. He was right.

"Still..." , the boss started again, " For your sorry ass's sake, I may spill some names, but...," he trailed off , eyes darting to the end of the questioning room.

" but what?", the officer really did sound desperate by now, making the leader chuckle.

"I want him," Jeongguk said directly pointing at a newly recruited investigator, who was simply standing there , big round glasses in place, making notes on his first big case," For tonight."

The latter gasped , the notepad slipping past his dainty fingers.

"Mr. Kim?", Jeongguk purred titling his head slightly ,eyes sparkling, " wouldn't you want to help your buddies here?"


I don't own the pictures and the credit goes to rightful owners.

Read the tags carefully.


Non consensual (sexual) activity (once, initially)
Angst (lots)

❌ NO RAPE (Neither the author nor the story supports or glorifies non consensual coercion or rape but there will be triggering topics so please use discretion, thankyou.)

Thankyou for reading! 💜
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Nagkataon naman na ang dumating na jeep ay lima nalamang ang kasya, kaya nauna ng pumasok si mama sumunod naman sina kuya tanner, mac at kuya Cedric, nahuli namang pumasok si kuya kenneth, dahil hindi nga ako makakaupo ay pinili nalang ni kuya Kenneth na sapupuhin ako, o yung umupo sa mga hita niya,Sa mga panahun namang iyun ay wala pa akung puwang tulad ng mga naiisip nyo haha,Nagsimula ng umalis ang jeep, dahil sa bukidan ang daan ay hindi pa ayus ang daan medyo sira sira parin kaya medyo malikot ang jeep, pauga uga ito kaya sa aking pagkakaupo ay dumadaos os ako papunta sa gitnang mga hita ni kuya Kenneth hanggang sa makarating ako sa tapat ng alaga niya,Di ko alam pero nung dun naka ako sakto nakaupo e nararamdaman ko sa may bandang pwetan ko e may gumagalaw.Warning: No Soft Copies No Copyright agiarismGenre: Bromance,Games,Drama,teen fictionStatus: OngoingCover Disign: Picarts or Thai PicsLanguage: Tagalog,EnglishStart:Dec 8,2023End: © Jamesonriveralovers

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