Family comes first- Kailani Anoa'i

Family comes first- Kailani Anoa'i

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Category: Action
Koda is one of WWE's best wrestlers in its history. She is athletic, charismatic and just an overall badass. Being from such a well known wrestling family, the WWE universe had high expectations for her and not only did she meet those expectations.... she beat them out of the park. Watch as she goes through some of the hardest years of her WWE career and life but she knows no matter what her family will always be by her side.

Hey all. I hope you all enjoy the story. I own non of the pictures used here so credit goes to the owners of them.

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عرفت فيينا ستراتون أن عليها أن تلوم نفسها فقط. لم تدع نفسك تصبح مدينًا لرجل مثل دان دافنبورت، بغض النظر عن مدى احتياجك إلى مساعدته. بصفتها مساعدته الشخصية، كانت تدرك تمامًا أن الرئيس التنفيذي الناجح عالميًا كان قاسياً ولا يرحم.بالطبع، إذا كانت تعلم أنه سيطلب منها أن تكون زوجته لمدة اثني عشر شهرًا، لكانت قد ترددت في قبول مساعدته. لأن ما تعلمته من دان هو أن الشيطان لم يكن قبيحًا ومرعبًا. كان مغريًا وآسرًا. كان يطن بهمسات الإغراء - إغراء الخطيئة والاستسلام، للسماح له بالعلامة التجارية والاستحواذ عليك. لقد أيقظ كل حاجة وخيال لديك.يمكنه حتى أن يجعلك تحبه.✨ الرواية مو لي انا ترجمتها بس ✨كـَاتبة الرواية : Suzanne Wright .مـُترجمة الرواية : ARAM - آرَام . مشـَاهدة و قـِراءة مـُمتعة 🤍!!
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"He is a scary man, Ivy! You should keep your distance from him." "His sons are equally as cruel as him.." "This whole family is actually heartless."Growing up, Ivy's ears are filled with warnings to stay away from this particular Santiago family. The leader of the family, Mr. Lucifer Santiago is a rumoured cruel mafia leader who doesn't think once before staining his hands with someone's blood. Then comes his three sons- Valentino, Denver and Alessio. Arrogant, cruel and manipulative. 16 year old, an normal looking orphan Ivy is told to keep her distance from these dangerous people and she tries to follow everyone's advice but none of her plans seems to be working as the family suddenly starts to show a different interest in her. Now it has become extremely hard to keep distance from them. Especially when Mr. Lucifer Santiago himself call her 'his little star'.
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Eleanor Bianchi Russo, the youngest triplet and the eldest daughter of Russo family who was supposed to be pampered and treasured by her whole family was kidnapped by a nurse on the same day she was born. She was snatched from her triplets, her family leaving all of them broken behind. Russo family was left grief-stricken after the kidnapping of their precious little girl. There isn't a single day they haven't missed her. She has been always missed and loved. They never gave up their hopes of finding her back and no matter what they will never give upon their precious treasure. 17 years passed and they will be reunited when the least expected. Unexpected things will happen. But will there be trust between them? Will Eleanor really accept them as her family? Will she really open up to her family and seek their help for her revenge? Or might the bonds and trust will be broken?"She wasn't looking for a knight. She was looking for a Sword."Join Eleanor Bianchi Russo on her journey of 'BEING A RUSSO'.Do give it a try, it's worth it.
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Nothing.That's all you remember of your past. That's all you know about yourself, and hell, that's probably all that you will ever be in the future.Or so you thought. Unfortunately, life has an annoying habit of putting those around it in for a wild ride, one that you cannot hope to fathom.So, in order to become a bright, brilliant something, you will have to weave your own destiny and forge your own unique path with your bare hands. But will you be able to get rid of the void in your heart and the cage you've built around yourself?
♡𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓥𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓷 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓨𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓮 ♡ ||Mute!Yandere male x Reader

How did this happen..? You thought your soon to be husband loved you, but he decided it would be a good idea to cheat on you with your 'sister'. Now you're getting blamed for everything and no longer have a husband or any loved ones.You only have three months before your execution, so until then, you've decided that you aren't going down without some sort of revenge from your 'sister'. But to do that, you're going to need to gain some trust from a certain yandere first...Warnings: Blood, stabbing, slight manipulation, starvation, small mentions of molestation, disturbing themesA/N: Made this book because most of the time, the villianess doesn't even get revenge, so I wanted to change that!Cover art is also from pinterest!
The devils angel

Tara hansenn is a 17 year old girl who is moving away to California from all her friends and family for college she is done with being a shy nobody and hopes to boost her confidence and make new friends. Tara is drop dead gorgeous she is a kind and caring she has brunette hair and beautiful hazel eyes // vinnie is a tall handsome mystery. he is very known in Los Angeles for his bad behaviour and reputation he has black curly hair with stunning ocean blue eyes. // tara meets people but read on to learn about them>>What happens when he saves this nobody on more than one occasion??

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miss second place is clearly second place when it comes to realizing that her childhood "rival" has been in love with her this entire time.✱ inspired by the anime "special a"✱ a jeon jungkook fanfiction ft. kim taehyung✱ start: may 12, 2018✱ end: february 12, 2019

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There were always 8 members. From the beginning till now, it was always the lucky 8 number. You were hiding in plain sight, in each and every music video, Bangtan bombs, series etc; you were there in all the cut out scenes, in all the fancams and making ARMY think that you were apart of the main staff. In fact only the most trusted employees knew off the two versions of every dance, one with you and one without you. And this was all a big surprise bomb, just like what the company did with V, only you were the main hidden treasure. As the era of HYYH ended, BigHit finally decided to unlock the chest, but unlike how they suddenly showed V, they slowly opened the cover, slowly slipping your character into the storyline of WINGS. They thought ARMY would have noticed, considering how over analysing they are. But not one theory was made about a possible 8th member.No one had noticed the shadows in backgrounds, no one had noticed you were the key to connecting all possible ARMY theories, but most one had noticed that Jeon Jungkook had a twin brother.

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In a normal world the role of idol and fan are very much set in stone. One cannot exist without the other. Very rarely are these roles ever the opposite of the accepted norm. But what if? What if the roles of the idol and the fan became reversed?He sat behind the table and stared out into the faces crowded in the seats before him. Where was she? Why wasn't she here? Where could she be right now? He tapped his black marker against his face, not realizing he was now sporting a black nose. He felt empty without her presence. He felt alone in a room full of people. Everything seemed a bit darker without her there. And even to him, in that moment, the thoughts he was feeling felt strange and foreign to him. What was he becoming? All of this over a fan?Began: December 20, 2016Completed: October 4, 2017*Minor Character Death#1 in #hobi - 4/12/22#24 in #kpop - 6/8/22#6 in #jimin - 6/12/22#120 in #fanfiction - 6/13/22#1 in #sliceoflife - 6/14/22#61 in #romance - 6/23/22 (my first book to rank in a main category!!!!)#1 in #minyoongi - 10/16/22#12 in #fanfiction - 2/12/2023

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