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Alison's sister disappeared filming a reality show, so she goes undercover as a contestant, discovering that in some cases reality tv is all too real.


Alison's sister disappeared while shooting a Survivor-style reality series, so when the show gets a reboot, Alison gets herself cast as a contestant. Arriving on the island, none of the organizers seem to be giving her straight answers. Forced to manipulate the situation to stay on the show, she starts an uneasy alliance with the handsome and physically capable Travis. They even act like they're falling in love, hoping their romantic appeal will keep them on the show. But as more challenges take place, and contestants go from being injured to dying in front of the camera, Alison and Travis realize that something is wrong. They have to win this game, or they won't make it off the island alive.

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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☞단풍샵⭐[사이트:Diva쩜run]㏇지존샵❤루쏘디바✳️미러급레플#구찌미니백파는곳☞미러급 레플리카 사이트 추천 [사이트:Diva쩜run]=공장직영

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Sonic X Shadow X Silver X Reader.|| EDITING ||

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'USED TO BE 'HURTS So GOOD'"Come on! What have I've said!""Don't leave you hanging like the Mona Lisa""Exactly!"As half witch, half mortal, Lynette Spellman and her Twin sister 16 birthday draws closer they come closer to there destiny. But there is one huge obstacle in in the way. The close friend of the twins, and the crush of Lynette, Susie Putnam, may put that idea on pause. For Lynette at least

14K 13 282 Full
Trùng Sinh Mạt Thế Truyền Thuyết - Hòa Xuất Thú Thú

Thể loại : ngôn tình, trọng sinh, mạt thế, dị năng, tùy thân không gian, nữ cường, hoàn.Sơ lược :Trong mắt ngươi mạt thế là dạng gì?Biến dị, thây ma, dị năng, người sống sót? Thân nhân, người yêu, cừu nhân, người xa lạ?Nhiễm Minh chưa bao giờ nghĩ tới bên cạnh mình có một ngày đầy dẫy quái vật, lại chưa nghĩ tới so với quái vật đáng sợ hơn chính là người bên cạnh. Âm mưu, dương mưu, giết chóc, phản bội, tử vong, trùng sinh ······Giống nhau mạt thế, không đồng dạng như vậy chuyện xưa, hoan nghênh đi vào mạt thế truyền thuyết.Một câu nói giới thiệu vắn tắt: Đây là mỗ nữ mang theo tiểu đệ khắp nơi đánh quái vật thăng cấp đập bãi chuyện xưa!

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The Appalachian Mountains are home to some of Mother Nature's finest work.They are also home to some of Evolution's worst mistakes.This is the true story of a social worker, brought into a misshapen world, governed by its own carnal desires, to help a taboo and forgotten community. These ol' mountains have secrets. These ol' trees have tales.I call this story: The Ditch Witch.

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