Duty and Devotion

Duty and Devotion

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Category: Romance
Henderson Michaels possess an uncanny knack for putting bad people behind bars. Good-looking and cutthroat, he has a bright future at the NYPD, ex-military, and top of his class. He's one of the first police officers to move up in the ranks to detective in under three years. He also has a reason behind wanting to be a police officer, that reason being his late father who was killed in the line of duty when he was just a teenager.

Mariah Russo is your everyday daddy's girl, always getting what she wants and that alone clouds the brain. And she's about to find out the real truth behind her father, Jionni Russo and the need that Henderson has to take him down. She never knew she would become an unlikely ally with the NYPD and Detective Michaels. But, emotions and feelings get in the way of both Henderson and Mariah, causing them to get way too close for the department's liking. The attraction is almost fatal.

Years later, fate brings them together once more, but not being too kind to them. Levi Jabon, Henderson's longtime Marine buddy and good friend, runs into him at a police conference in California, happy to see Henderson. Henderson doesn't realize the connection between him and his former lover Mariah. But, things are about to spiral out of control when Henderson arrives in town.

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