Dressed as a scumbag and attacking a pet husband [farming]

Dressed as a scumbag and attacking a pet husband [farming]

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Endured vomiting blood and stayed up all night to read a scumbag that had the same name as him, and finished reading the text on Danmei Farming Field that his sister forced him to read. The next day, Carpenter Xue slipped into the book and became the scumbag who was lazy and beaten his son by a domestic abusive husband. Nanmu Village, as the name suggests, the front and back of the house, the mountains at the top of the village are all nanmu, and almost all of them have gold threads. Carpenter Xue, if he has a treasure, continues his carpentry career, earns money to support his family, and leads the whole village to become rich. Just because the furniture that has passed through his hands has special abilities, fir can improve sexual performance and pregnancy rate; walnut can improve IQ; pear can enhance physical fitness; poplar can cool down; yellow pineapple can keep warm; nanmu can relieve fatigue; red sandalwood It can make people feel at ease... Xue Carpenter accidentally became a royal merchant. Instructions for reading: daily warm, soo, cool, pet. The story of Xiaogong leading the whole village to become rich. There are buns. Instructions for reading: The setting of the manly brother. The plot is dog blood, Su, cool, sweet, pet. Sand sculptures are cute everyday. The later buns are haunted. In front of the person, the skin is white and beautiful, and the little obedient person is behind the second release of self-inflicted VS mild hearing impairment. The possessiveness is overwhelming.


This is an MTL (no editing)

Link: https://m.shubaow.net/36/36968/

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