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School Days (ii/bfdi crossover)

an inanimate insanity/battle for dream island crossover human high school au. two schools are merging, and it goes about as well as you'd expect. which is to say not good. discontinued due to a lack of interest and bad experiences in the fandom. read my webcomic instead; if you liked this you'll like it. it's called owlstead and is on webtoon and tapas :)

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BFB & TPOT Groupchats/Texting

Another one of those BFB group chats but with TPOT (well TPOT is mostly implied)I don't have a set schedule for updates Also, keep in mind that the objects might be out of character and grammar sucks24/10/23, 1# in BFB22/1/24, 1# in Ïf3/2/24, 1# in battleforbfb6/12/23, 3# in battlefordreamislandagain7/12/23, 5# in TPOT

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(Photo not mine!)Do not get mad at me you know what you're getting yourself into!Discontinued 10/07/23 [UK]

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Powerless || BFB fanfic [COMPLETED]

Contestants and Exitors alike are attending a party when a freak accident occurs, and some of them find themselves with strange, new powers. Was it really an accident, though? Shenanigans ensue as these 32 objects learn to control their abilities.Cover created by the wonderful @ZestyZapz!

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Rainy Day | An IDFB Fanfic

A storm is beginning to brew in Yoyle City, both literally and figuratively! While the others plan to make preparations in order for the storm to cause the least amount of damage, Needle is in inner turmoil, questioning her worth and whether or not the others want her around. Will she manage to prove herself and show that there's always a rainbow after rain? Only time will tell.-writing by: phantoph0biacover by: @joltniing on instagram

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Residing in a hotel, 16 contestants supposedly have nothing to fear.Until one by one, they perish.One of them is the killer.Beating them at their own game will prove to be difficult.Sorry guys this fic is cancelled 🙁🙁 I genuinely had an interest in finishing it but I left the fandomHeavily inspired by @ tinsope's bfb murder mystery fanfic. PLS GO CHECK IT OUT

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Poor Little Chalky

Basically, broomer breaks in chalky's sick and broomer takes care of him, involving a lot of gay shit, also to anyone wondering about the cover, don't worry, there is no smut, yeah i was going for cute but ended up with hot? (Idk if it is hot)this is finished

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Battle For BFB (Season 4)

Battle for BFB and Battle for BFDI (BFB) are two segments that make up the fourth season of the Battle for Dream Island series and the successor to the third season IDFB. ... The prize used to be a BFDI, but in "The Escape from Four", Four upgraded it to a BFB to keep contestants competing.

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Alternate Battle for Dream Island

What if BFDI was written by someone dumb?

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Stars & Plants : TreeHole | BFB Fanfic (TPOT) (BFB)

The plant found the broken singularity and they fixed eachother.

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This has been discontinued, as I am no longer in the OSC. I really hope you enjoy what's here while it lasted.

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Fear Garden 2: Scarlet's Bloom (An IDFB Fanfic)

You thought you could get rid of me. But it's only a matter of time now.Thanks to you... I found a vessel of someone much stronger. I will finish what I have started.-Day turned to night- comet after comet passed through. But they had broken out of it. The cursed prison that held them behind a metal wall for ages. And with their freedom, they wish to bring them all back- to uncover the truth of what really happened in Yoyle City. But when objects, old and new, begin to disappear- they realize that this nightmare was far from over....A sequel to my au, Fear Garden. This story contains gore (HEAVY GORE), death, and upsetting topics (attempted su!cide), that are unsettling, so if you're young, DON'T READ. Enjoy.© All Rights Reserved

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Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT fanfic]

Update: stop reading this 😭 this is so horribly written bro. Also ignore the amount of spelling and grammar errors here. I was like 13 when I wrote this.

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// "Hey, we've been in space multiple times, how did we not see this rainbow-" "Shut up you stupid spoon lover." //_________A host from [S/N] was willing to take a break from hosting, but when they got into the Pillary Ruins, The contestants from different show that Y/N never heard of, making them the New Host instead._________Started: June 1, 2023Published: June 1, 2023Ended:_____©Jackinjellify©Battle For Dream Island / Battle For BFB©Burger Brawl

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My opinions on bfb ships


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Ask the Bfb/ii/tdos ship kids (Cancelled)

just read the top is Ask the Bfb/ii/tdos ship kids one ask per chapter

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DOKI DOKI / bfdi match

A bfdi DOKI DOKI fanfic 😭

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The Life Of BFDI

EVER WANTED TO SEE BFDI, BUT WITH A BIT MORE SILCES OF LIFE?Introducing the Life Of BFDI a fanfic that dives more into the world of goiky!Jump on in as the characters go on tons of wild adventures, all while still sparing time for a little competition.....From character ships some of you love to violent encounters, anything can happen, so....Dive on in!!(DESCRIPTION SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

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The Epic Adventure of Bracelety

Another one of my bad stories. I haven't done wattpad in a while.

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My Collection of BFB Fankids

Don't hate me.So, yeah, my version of the fankids.I don't have pictures of them, but you can read everything about them.

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Divide By Two (old)

After over a year, Four is still salty about the BFB split, growing more and more restless with the need for revenge. warnings: this is probably going to have some gore and sensitive topics such as self harm, and suicide. i'll mark chapters with these subjects :)THIS IS HEAVILY INSPIRED BY ANTI.LITTLE.LAD.ACCOUNT ON TIKTOK

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Over and Over - (Tenolf BFDI Fanfiction)

Okay... I thank you all for the views, votes and everything but PLEASE STOP READING THIS!Its so terrible I swear-

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A series of Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island Oneshot ships! Some of those including... - Flower x Lollipop- 4X- Leafy x Firey- Coiny x Pin- Golfball x Tennisball- Blocky x Woody- Pen x Eraser - Fan x Test tube- Nickel x Balloon- Paintbrush x Light Bulb- Candle x Silver Spoonand maybe more! I am taking requests for different ideas! Some stories I have drawn pictures for! So I hope you enjoy!

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Battle for One's Tokens

14 new objects compete to win a new mystical prize: One's hidden tokens, which are unlike prizes beyond anyone's imagination!

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