Cliche (Love Series # 1)

Cliche (Love Series # 1)

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Category: Romance
Good girls love bad guys
The unpopular girl hates the popular guy
Two nonlovers in an arranged marriage
One-sided love between best friends
And a lot more
But there's one thing for sure
Jamie loves Willmark
Even if their love story is as cliche as above.

"Another cliche love story from two characters but it's our story so it doesn't matter, deal with it"

I made this story for my friend and is a set series that is made up of my friend's love stories.

The main characters are real, their family is real and the places that I'm about to write are real. Some events would be made up but the rest is real. This is a fiction/non-fiction story so please, comment with caution.

I am not perfect and am still improving, I hope to read some constructive criticism and encouragement.

Thank you, everyone!

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