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BLOOD AND BONE | rewritten

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Category: Action
"𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐓 π†πˆπ‘π‹ 𝐇𝐀𝐒 π€π‹π–π€π˜π’ 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐅 π†πŽπƒπƒπ„π’π’, 𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐅 𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋"

❝ Delphinium Tesla is anything but the innocent citizen she pretends to be, especially not with the power of telekinesis behind her fingertips. Laying low will not erase her haunting memories of the enigmatic master who trained her to be an assassin against her will-nor the atrocities she committed to end him.

One of her worst fears comes to life when she is arrested by a familiar face and forced into a crew of the only other gifted individuals, who bear titles as grim as hers: drug addict, kleptomaniac, crime lord, lunatic, murderer. Alongside her new crew, Delphinium is tasked with apprehending a wraithlike international terrorist.

This dangerous group of criminals must join forces if they have any hope of living long enough to unravel the mystery that is not as it seems. But they all must beware: everyone is hiding secrets, and most of the crew members are far more deadly than they let on. Perhaps even deadlier than the enemy they seek. ❞

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Short horror stories

You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying reading them.

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#μš”νž˜λΉˆμ’…λ₯˜βœ³οΈμ„œμšΈλΉ„아그라퀡배솑⭐[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]γ‡μ²˜λ°©μ „ν•„μš”μ—†λŠ”λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌβ€

β­μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€νŒŒλŠ”κ³³γ€Ž[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]γ€λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ΅¬λ§€β—ˆοΈλ‚¨μ„±μ •λ ₯μ œμ²˜λ°©μ—†μ΄κ΅¬λ§€β€οΈβ˜…μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ&μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€β˜…β­#λΏŒλ¦¬λŠ”λ‚¨μžμ •λ ₯제판맀점,#λ°œκΈ°μœ μ§€μ œν’ˆκ°€κ²©,#μ•½κ΅­μš©λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ200mgλ³΅μš©λ²•β­μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€νŒŒλŠ”κ³³γ€Ž[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]γ€λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ΅¬λ§€β—ˆοΈκ΅¬μž…β€οΈβ˜…μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ&μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€β˜…β­#λΉ„λ‹‰μŠ€μ •ν’ˆκ΅¬μž…,#μ•„μ΄μ½”μŠ€κ΅¬λ§€λ°©λ²•,#λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „μ˜μ–‘μ œμ‚¬μš©λ²•,#λ°œκΈ°μœ μ§€μ œν’ˆνš¨κ³Ό,#λΏŒλ¦¬λŠ”λ‚¨μžμ •λ ₯μ œκ΅¬μž…,#λΉ„λ‹‰μŠ€κ΅¬λ§€λ°©λ²•,#λ°œκΈ°μœ μ§€μ œν’ˆλ³΅μ œμ•½κ΅¬μž…λ°©λ²•,#μŠ€νŽ˜λ‹ˆμ‰¬ν”ŒλΌμ΄κ΅¬μž…,#λ‚¨μ„±ν™•λŒ€ν¬λ¦Όμ²˜λ°©μ—†μ΄κ΅¬λ§€,#μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌνŒŒλŠ”κ³³,#μ‘°λ£¨λ°©μ§€μ œν’ˆμ²˜λ°©μ „μ—†μ΄κ΅¬μž…,β­μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€νŒŒλŠ”κ³³γ€Ž[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]γ€λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ΅¬λ§€β—ˆοΈλ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „μ œν€΅κ°€κ²©β€οΈβ˜…μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ&μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€β˜…β­#μΊ‘μŠλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ100mgν›„κΈ°,#λ‚¨μ„±λ°œκΈ°κ°œμ„ μ œν’ˆλ³΅μ œμ•½κ΅¬μž…λ°©λ²•,#칙칙이100mg약ꡭ가격,#사정지연크림약ꡭ가격,#μš”νž˜λΉˆλ‹ΉμΌλ°°μ†‘,#λ‚¨μ„±λ‹¨λ ¨μš©ν’ˆ100mg가격,#μ²œμ—°λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ°€κ²©,#λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€λ³΅μš©λ²•,#발기λ ₯ν–₯μƒμ œν’ˆκ°€κ²©,#필름비아그라100mgν›„κΈ°,#발기λ ₯ν–₯μƒμ œν’ˆκ΅¬μž…ν›„κΈ°,β­μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€νŒŒλŠ”κ³³[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ΅¬λ§€β—ˆοΈμ•„μ΄μ½”μŠ€μ²˜λ°©μ „μ—†μ΄κ΅¬μž…β€οΈβ˜…μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ&μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€β˜…β­#λΏŒλ¦¬λŠ”λ‚¨μžμ •λ ₯μ œν€΅λ°°μ†‘,#필름비아그라5mgν›„κΈ°,#λΉ„λ‹‰μŠ€ν•„λ¦„μ‚¬μš©λ²•,#μ²œμ—°μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€ν€΅λ°°μ†‘,#남성정λ ₯μ œμ•½κ΅­κ°€κ²©,#λΉ„λ‹‰μŠ€ν•„λ¦„λ³΅μ œμ•½κ΅¬μž…λ°©λ²•,#λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „μΉ˜λ£Œμ œνš¨λŠ₯,#μ•„λ“œλ ˆλ‹Œκ΅¬λ§€λ°©λ²•,#ν•„λ¦„ν˜•λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌν€΅λ°°μ†‘,#λΉ„λ‹‰μŠ€κ°€κ²©,#λ§ˆμ‹œλŠ”μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€κ°€κ²©β­μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€νŒŒλŠ”κ³³γ€Ž[γ…‹r톑YKCS7]γ€λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌκ΅¬λ§€β—ˆοΈa λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „ 치료제 ꡬ맀,비뇨기과 비아그라,λΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌμ•½κ΅­μ²˜λ°©μ „,ν•€νŽ˜μ‹œμ•„,카마그라,카마그라 직ꡬ,μ„Όν¬μŠ€,λΉ„λ‹¬λ¦¬μŠ€νƒ€,λ…μΌμ •ν’ˆν”„λ‘œμ½”λ°€ ν›„κΈ°,μ‹œμ•Œλ¦¬μŠ€ 처방,μ •ν’ˆλΉ„μ•„κ·ΈλΌ μ„±λΆ„,λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „μ¦μƒ,λ°œκΈ°λΆ€μ „ 쑰루 λ“± 남

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