(BL)(MTL)Dressed as ex-boyfriend's dad's lover

(BL)(MTL)Dressed as ex-boyfriend's dad's lover

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Category: Romance

Author: Hunting Heart

Category: Danmei Fans

Release time: 2019-08-29

Latest: Chapter 159

Danmei Fans



Dressed as a little star who was cheated on by a scumbag, Li Ran made an online appointment. Accidentally made an appointment with the scumbag's father, and Li Ran's acting skills exploded, making the scumbag's father unable to stop him. When the matter came to light, Li Ran cried and complained that the scumbag was just a stand-in, and he only loved the scumbag's father. The scumbag was shocked, and the scumbag's father was deeply moved. He hugged Li Ran and asked the scumbag to call him Li Ran's little dad. Li Ran's eyes were full of smiles: Good, good son! ... Sheng Linxuan has a little lover, and the other party doesn't want his money or his goodness, but only wants him as a person, but Sheng Linxuan always feels that he is old and can't satisfy his little lover, so he worries about his little lover every day Will climb walls. Until one day, Li Ran brought something to Sheng Linshang and said that if it didn't work, he could use something else instead. Sheng Linshang was angry and funny, and he tried his best to tell his lover whether he could do it or not. Li Ran touched the wrinkles at the end of the man's eyes: I love you too when you are old! The old man burst into tears. ~ → Weibo @ Code Zigong Hunting Heart, ancient dog blood to sweet pet texts, don't like to fork out by myself ╯^╰ Content tags: rich and powerful family sweet text through books and cool text search keywords: protagonists: Li Ran, Sheng Lin絊┃ Supporting role: Pre-received article "Wearing into a Rich Generation's Ex-Boyfriend" ┃ Others: Wearing Books, Abusing Scumbags, Shuangwen, Wealthy Family, Sweet Articles, Favorite Articles

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