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Category: Mystery
He's dangerous
He's intelligent
He's ruthless
He's sexy
He's... a beast


'You must not go looking for him Annalise, he must never find you, you don't understand what he's capable of... he's a beast'

'You cannot change my mind Ray, I'm going to find him... no matter what you say' I reply to the man who has raised me almost all of my life, silence... I turn to find him laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, his eyes wide open, I gasp.

A note is laid on top of his body, I reach out and pick it up, "You don't have to come looking for me Annalise, for I have already found you - Beast''

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MULTIVITAMIN KUCING SAKIT NUTRIPUS Halo Sobat Boy Coon Cat🤗 Apakah kamu tau vitamin yang tepat untuk kucingmu? Tenang @boycooncat menyediakan vitamin herbal nutripus yang bisa menjadi solusi ampuh untuk membuat kucingmu menjadi lebih sehat Penasaran! yuk simak di bawah ya😉 NUTRIPUS menggunakan Fitobiotik yang mengandung Lysine, Vit B1, B6, B12, Trace Mineral dan Curcuma Zanthorrisa serta tambahan bakteri BAIK yang akan menekan pertumbuhan bakteri JAHAT. Kami Juga Melayani Keagenan dan Reseller seluruh Indonesia loh🤩 Yuk! tunggu apa lagi buruan diorder sekarang. IG : boycooncat Fb : boy coon cat Tokopedia : Boy Coon Cat service & care We care your's special cat #catservice #catcare #catlovers #catsuplement #nutripus #boycooncat #jasapacak #jasapacakkucing #pacakkucingmalang #pacakkucing #pacakmaincoone #pacakflatnose #pacakpeaknose #pacakpersia

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