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It's been five years since the pregnant wife and a son of the DeLuca family were kidnapped and were never seen again. One day, a new lead gives them the path to their discovery of them. Now reunited, they realize there is a toddler on the tow, no longer a mere unborn baby that was assumed to be dead but a little girl - a sister and daughter.


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[Cao H] Chồng em

Thể loại: Hiện đại, cao H, niên thượng.Nội dung 18+ Bắt đầu mối quan hệ, bot chưa đủ tuổi.Cân nhắc trước khi đọc.Written by me
Villain's Earnest Wish Of Death

Being neglected in the orphanage and then being sold to the black market bought by a abusing master Ray's life started to take a bright turn when his master was arrested by the police. He had enough money to go by free education and a small one room apt. by the government he had a part time job at a café. But something was missing in his Life he filled that missing piece by indulging into the world of novels and fantasy. But- his master's out of the prison and killed him!!! he found himself being reincarnated in a novel he once read and turned out to be born as the villain!! hah- who would have thought. but things aren't easy and very troublsome so he decided on some simple things- "live carelessly and then die no need for anything else" So will things go the way he wants them? obviously not? which isekai novel has ever gone the way protagonist ever wanted ofc there will troubles. Let's hope that Ray finds his will to live.This is my own story the plot may overlap with other "Reincarnated as villain" stories so i apologise i will try my best to be productive and imaginative!!Additional tag(s) :-#omegaverse#elementalspirits#magic#academy
I should care because?

This is about a girl who was reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. But she doesn't care, at all.Shall we continue to ignore the heroine and her love interests?
Orison | Celeste Academy Series BK #3

|COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Series Book 3| As summer slowly comes to an end, the Festival of Ember begins. The Twelve returns to Celeste Academy with more questions as a strange infection spreads across each continent, turning the Guardian Beasts into demons. The Twelve are left with a strange riddle to solve and perhaps the greatest problem to face. There are many more battles to be fought. One of them is amongst one another.
˗ˏˋOur Differencesˊˎ˗

Maddie loves her life. Her family is wealthy, she's the star of the girl's soccer team, and she does well in school. She's a girl who gets whatever she wants - with the exception of her brother's best friend.
The Billionaire's Unwanted Bride

It Is a one-night stand for a 24 years old college girl, Annabelle. With no strings attached.When she sees her baby father on the cover page of a magazine tagged as a billionaire and a Casanova, her mother is set on using him to change their poor status.Aidan is a 26 years old billionaire with a high sexual urge, ever since the night with Anna. He is less interested in keeping a woman and having a baby is totally out of it. When confronted with the news of Anna's pregnancy, he denies it until her mother threatens to tarnish his image.Will Aidan agree to the marriage? Will Anna keep the pregnancy even after the rejection? Will she be able to take his insults and the fact that he finds her unwanted?
Just Kissing

No commitment.No more heartaches.Just kissing.Could it really be that simple?Nate Herond. He's the guy everyone adores. Quarterback of the football team, a joker that ain't miss a chance to fool around, a trutly hearttrob every girl fall for, a friend to everyone... Then why Hailey Grace can't stand him? No one knows.But when she's forced to spend time with him things begin to change. Hailey's trying to overcome a heartbreak; Nate, something darker. Turning from dislike to friendship, they end up making a simple deal that would change everything.
Growing bf 2.9.2024

Weight gain diary. Come along as I fatten up my boyfriend. Will share fun stuffing, gaining, and erotic adventures. Shhh, he doesn't know I'm doing it. *Purely fiction* #feeder #feedee #stuffing #fat #fiction #feederism #belly

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Tình địch ngươi làm gì gl

Văn án 【 tam sắc điệu chi ● màu cam ● thiên tìm 】 Bài này lại danh: Một xem tình địch chân liền như nhũn ra Gặp phải thiên tìm trước, tình địch ♀♀/ băng sơn / rắn rết mỹ nhân / tổng tài / ngạo kiều Đại tiểu thư / Gặp phải thiên tìm sau, tình địch ♂♂ 【 thiên tìm tương 】: Ô ô buông ra ta, ta không cần ngươi , ta muốn đi tìm hán chỉ; 【 lăng nữ vương 】: Ngoan tiểu thiên tìm, ta không liêu ngươi , nhanh đến ta trong lòng đến, ân? ... Thanh tịnh và đẹp đẽ lúc này nhất bôi đen sắc tối trầm xẹt qua, lăng nữ vương liếm liếm khóe miệng, tiểu thiên tìm thực sự là không ngoan đâu, vẫn là thiếu giáo huấn nột... Thiên tìm bị hệ thống buộc định xuyên qua đến từng cái thế giới chia rẽ quan xứng tiến công chiếm đóng nam chủ, không nghĩ tới cuối cùng lại bị tình địch cấp quấn lên ; Tình địch quá bá đạo, thiên tìm khóc không ra nước mắt. 【 thiên tìm 】: Một xem tình địch chân liền như nhũn ra ♀ nhìn nữa tình địch tâm liền e ngại ♀ "Ô ô buông ra ta, ta muốn đi liêu hán giấy." Dùng ăn trước cần biết: @1, chủ thụ văn, 1V1, khiết. @2, Tô Tô thích thích, tiểu Bạch Tiểu Bạch, bách hợp ngọt văn. @3, tác giả kim cương tâm, hoan nghênh thổ tào, cấm thân thể công kích. Nội dung nhãn: Tình hữu độc chung hệ thống mau mặc Tìm tòi then chốt chữ: Nhân vật chính: Thiên tìm ┃ phối hợp diễn: Lăng nữ vương ┃ cái khác: Bách hợp, mau mặc, 1vs1, song khiết Văn chương loại hình: Nguyên sang - bách hợp - giá không lịch sử - tình yêu Tác phẩm thị giác: Chủ thụ

932 2 14 Full
We got married ( Sehun and IU )

(Fixed mc: Park Mi Sun, Im Seulong, Jung Jin Woon, Kim Na Young)Misun:So we are now welcoming WGM new season!!!!!! Woooooooo......(sorry about the high tension)And this season we have a brand new couple! So let's get into it:)Seulong: This is a really special season which they will be really living together for.....2years!!! We made it longer, coz we want duh.Nayoung:ahhhh I am so envy, I just got to sit here every time!Jinwoon: be careful, Nayoung-shi, maybe the director will find someone to replace you if you are complaining too much...Nayoung: arraseoyo~Hey guysi think by the title, you can see which couple I have chosen since the majority of you suggested it. At first I thought I would do more than one husband, but it just called off because I want to focus on one couple only. Please suggest more couples other than IU, they will appear in some of the episodes(it will be better if couple name is provided)i appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy itdont forget to subscribe and leave a comment down below telling me what cp do you wantluv ya❤️

2.9K 7 113
Charlotte's Life at Camp Half-Blood

Relive some of Percabeth's greatest moments with Charlotte on her adventures at Camp Half Blood,not as a demigod but as a person who can see through the mist.What happens when after her years at Camp Half Blood,she proceeds to interview the seven demigods of the prophecy?Read to find out!

119 6 10 Full
Nightmare Before Disney: Sexualized - Time to talk about it

Already 7th Game by CookieSlimeNightmare Before Disney (Original) - by PeytonphileFive Nights in Anime - by Mairusu

295 1 6 Full
Beginnings Of Band Romance

First book in our guy x guy series

1K 17 54 Full

One reckless man, one football team, so many lives will change if he succeeds, hopefully, he does, but he might not, and his failure has been a continuous song for all his life. In the sweet breath of the Jamaican parish of St. Elizabeth, surrounded by the colorful decorations of mangos, a bunch of young people will be tied to the life of one man and one woman will need him more than anyone else in her life. This man has the talent and the support, but can he put it together, and does he even want to? Can he reach the endzone or will he run away from the expectations he never chosen? ***Content Warning Disclaimer*** Graphic Description of Pain Strong Language Suggestive Sexual Language Misogyny Homophobia Fatphobia References to Sexual Assault Updates every 25th of the month

417 39 62

About all the lion real family that wants to change the kingdom but hey was the history!!!

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Bethany With the Blue Eyes

In another place, in another time, a child born against the will of the Gods yearns to find solace within the pages of old stories.

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Orison | Celeste Academy Series BK #3

|COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Series Book 3| As summer slowly comes to an end, the Festival of Ember begins. The Twelve returns to Celeste Academy with more questions as a strange infection spreads across each continent, turning the Guardian Beasts into demons. The Twelve are left with a strange riddle to solve and perhaps the greatest problem to face. There are many more battles to be fought. One of them is amongst one another.

8.2M 82 551.3K
The Winter Court ► Harry potter various

The Ladies/Goddesses of The Winter Court:HeraAthenaArtemis AphroditeDemeterHestiaKhioneThis Court was Made by The first Lady Hera in the oldest of times when people were to seek their praise or help, But Now that darkness reforms, their only hope is to keep trying to make a powerful child, keyword: trying.But after another meeting Athena and Artemis finally figure it out.cover is made by @the_wanderingsofreader on pinterest

682 6 23